Manufacturers have been concentrating on men’s ties since the very beginning. But ties for boys have co-existed with the adults since the beginning. Some manufacturers have been working on these ties for boys exclusively and brought revolutions over time. History reveals that the invention of ties for boys followed the rituals of Croatian soldiers in Europe. Since then, most school uniforms for boys include neckties as symbols of didactic accomplishments for school boys.

Commonly Used Knots
Numerous knots of ties show the adherence to different cultures and geographical traditions. However, there are four knots that are being practiced worldwide. Here are the popular tie-knot styles that that are being followed on most places today and knots which young boys can follow too.

 ultimate tip windsor tie knot

  • Windsor Tie Knots These knots are widely practiced. Most employees in every office prefer this knot as it works great for the formal collar shirts.
  • Four-In-Hand Knots – These knots are versatile and bold with visually asymmetrical dimples. If you are willing to wear button-down shirts, these knots are the first choice.
  • Half Windsor Ties – These knots are triangular knots and fairly symmetrical. This is comparatively narrower than full Windsor ties. The best advantage of this knot is it can accompany any shirt style you want.
  • Double Knots – These are simply ideal for classic collar shirts.
  • Plattsburgh Knot – This is good for spread collar shirts on wider stretched ties.
  • Pratt Knot – This works for anything if you want to present a bolder approach.
  • St Andrew and Oriental Knots – These knots can help you enhance your style with deep attractive dimples on the ties.
  • Kelvin and Atlantic Knots – These knots can get you a refreshing change in your overall look.

 best guide how to tie a knot

You can try numerous other innovative knots for bolder and unique looks. For those uncomfortable with tying knots, zipper ties are the answer to this. These ties can belong to any family or genre of tie-knots. However, there is one feature that makes these ties unique. They actually have zippers to make adjustments. The knots are fixed but the zippers are ready to get the tie adjusted on your neck.

Proper Maintenance

No matter what ties you have in your closet may it be ties for adults or ties for boys; you should take optimal care of these sophisticated fashion wears. If you maintain these fabrics properly, the ties will look fresh and new for years.

  • Follow the correct way to remove the tie from your neck. Untie the knots when you remove the tie. First, you should loosen the knot softly. Then go through a reverse procedure to untie the knot and remove the tie without stretching or pulling the fabric anyway.
  • Ties often get dirty. They catch dirt, oil, food substances and liquids. If you are attending a dinner, get some tie accessories with you such as tie clips, chains or tie locks. This will save your exclusive tacks from spills.
  • If you get the tie soiled, wipe the dirt quickly with damp clothes. Don’t be too harsh on the fabrics or else you may ruin it. Then, find a cleaning store nearby that specializes in tie cleaning. You should get the ties dry cleaned every year even if there is no stain or dirt on it.

If you have built a rich collection of ties for boys, be careful about maintaining them. Properly maintained ties will help you look great in special occasions, like proms, college functions or any family gathering. Young boys will surely look educated and disciplined with properly knotted and well-maintained ties.