What is Throat Coat?

  • Throat coat is a tea that is made from the liquorice root and the slippery elm bark.

  • It tastes sweet, aromatic and earthy and has a highly viscous consistency. It is because of this viscosity, which is also thicker than honey, that throat coat tea can protectively coat the membranes that line the throat.

  • This coating makes all feelings of soreness and scratchiness disappears.

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Ingredients of Throat Coat

Slippery Elm Bark: The slippery elm bark ingredient of the throat coat herbal tea has a long history of use in folk herbal medicine as a homeopathic treatment for stomach ailments and sore throats. The slippery elm bark has a very bitter taste so the liquorice root is added to make for a sweeter taste.

Licorice Root: Liquorice root is not grown on farms but are harvested in the wild by indigenous people.

  • The global supply of liquorice root comes mainly from the countries of Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and the frontier regions in the western part of China.

  • The producers of liquorice are protected under international agreements that ensure that they get a price that is fair for their products.

  • There are also standards and safeguards in place so that the growing environment is not severely affected by any practices that can be detrimental to nature.

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What are the beneficial effects of Throat Coat?

Throat Coat Tea

  • It is believed that throat coat tea enhances the structures and functions of the throat. This functions would include speaking, which is done by the vocal cords; swallowing, for which the esophagus is responsible; and conveying of air, which happens in the trachea.

  • It is further claimed that drinking the tea before starting a speaking engagement, enables the speaker to maintain the quality of his speaking voice longer , thus preventing him from getting hoarse before getting to the end of his speech.

  • The tea is also popular among singers who attest to the fact that they can be used for longer periods because the tea prolongs their singing abilities, allowing them to hit the higher notes better. These endorsers of throat coat herbal tea are church choir singers, high school glee club members and even heavy rock bands.

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Throat Coat Spray

A more concentrated product comes in the form of a throat coat spray that is very helpful in the hydration of the vocal chords. It can be particularly effective during times of high-level vocal activities such as singing or public speaking or any live-stage performances because it increases moisture in the throat area. You can buy Throat Coat Tea that are conveniently packed in tea bags from the larger drug store chains or order them directly from its manufacturers in the Internet.

Some Words of Caution

As with any herbal product, it is prudent to consult your health practitioner before starting to take the Throat Coat Tea.

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  • Ingesting liquorice root over long periods can have an effect on your cortisol response, causing strain on your kidneys or making you pee very often.

  • It can also interact with other medications you may already be taking such as diuretics or monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

  • It can exacerbate pre-existing health conditions like an already low potassium level in your system.

  • Pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers are advised not to take throat coat.