There is no doubt that when it comes to watches for outdoor activities, Movado Sapphire watches lead the pack. These watches are very costly but with a good reason, they are the very best and they will never let you down when you are outdoors even if it rains or snows. Some of these watches are made of steel and the screens are purely made of sapphire that is scratch resistant. These are beautiful watches and they have several points going for them. Some of the reasons why you should rush to the next store and buy yourself a Movado sapphire watch are outlined below.

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Best Features of A Movado Timepiece

1.)  They are water resistant.

These gorgeous watches are the best because they are water resistant up to the depth of a few hundred feet. This means that you can even go swimming with them and they will still remain intact. This is why the Movado watches are the best of the best. Even if you like scuba diving or surfing, try the world’s leading outdoor watches and you will not be disappointed. You can always use it to time yourself even when you are underwater in the knowledge that it is completely safe.

2.)  It has a stationary bezel function.

This means that it is harder for someone to take apart your watch and remove the parts because the bezel function cannot be replaced. It is also less likely for it to get spoilt soon because it does not keep rotating like the other watches. This technology is only possible from the world’s leading outdoor watches manufacturers and now you can get one for yourself.

3.)  Swiss quartz movement.

These gorgeous watches use only the best technology and so they do not keep rotating and clicking rather they use batteries to record time. The quartz movement makes it harder for anyone to tamper with the watch and it makes it more accurate that the mechanically rotating types. From the world’s leading outdoor watches manufacturers, one can only expect to get the very best of technology. The battery also has long life and it will take long to go off.

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4.)  It has genuine sapphire crystals.

This is the hardest and most durable form of crystal that will remain intact for the longest time. It is very hard to create scratches on it and breaking it may not be easily possible. This makes these watches from the world’s leading outdoor watches manufacturers the best of the best. The other materials that are commonly used for crystals and which are relatively weak include acrylic and minerals crystals. Both these are susceptible to scratches and can break very easily.

5.)  It has deployment clasp.

This is very simple because it makes removing and putting on the watch a very easy process. It does not strain the wearer in any way and it is easily removable even in great depths in water. From the world’s leading outdoor watches manufacturers, one can only expect the best and the Movado sapphire watches have clearly cut out a niche for themselves in the world of the most expensive and well-made watches.