One shoulder dresses are the latest and hottest fashion trends this spring. With elegant and luxurious styles, these dresses will give you a flirty, yet elegant look to show off your personal style this season. There are many different colors and styles to choose from, whether you are looking for dress to wear to a wedding, party or any other special occasion. Read on to find out about some of the available options.

Types of One Shoulder Dresses

  • One Shoulder Wedding Dresses: In recent times, the one shoulder dresses have become the popular choice for weddings. Of course, you have to choose the right hairstyle to get the right look on your big day. A good way to highlight the asymmetrical neckline of this dress style is to wear a soft bun that is drawn to the other side of the strap from the center. This will help create a nice balance and help ensure that the hairstyle is not covering the dress cut. When wearing this wedding dress style, it is best to go with modern jewelry and a simple hairstyle.

gorgeous one shoulder dresses

  • One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses: Most people are choosing wedding themes with one shoulder dress styles for the bridesmaids. These dresses will give you a chance to show off your well toned shoulders. You can find sophisticated one shoulder dresses for bridesmaids in many bright colors. One of the most popular styles is the full length gowns in soft chiffon fabrics. You can opt for a dress with chiffon going asymmetrically across the gown to create a beautiful and fitting design. For a stunning look, you can wear a classic bun and pumps along with your one shoulder bridesmaid dress.

  • One Shoulder Prom Dresses: The one shoulder dress styles for prom are usually elegant and long gowns. If you want, you can wear these dresses with or without a wrap or jacket.

pretty one shoulder prom dresses

  • Jessica Simpson Dresses: These dresses are available in contemporary designs and styles that will remain in fashion for a long time. Although the dresses are extremely fashionable, they are designed with a timeless quality. When you choose one of these dresses, you are guaranteed to get a high-end quality design that you can wear in any form.

  • Cocktail One Shoulder Dresses: When shopping for a cocktail dress with one shoulder style this summer, you can opt for a design with gathered skirt that can flatter your body. This will be ideal for any woman without a well-toned belly. On the other hand, if you want to show off your well-toned figure, you can choose one of the goddess dresses with pleated, flowing skirt.

As you can see, there are many different types of one shoulder dresses to choose from. Take some time to explore all the available options to ensure that you are wearing the best style to look fashionable this season.