Clip on sunglasses are actually lenses or glasses with tint that need to be clipped onto a set of eyeglasses. They can be clipped on either with magnets or small clips; hence, they are often referred to as magnetic clip on sunglasses. They were designed to avoid the inconvenience of having to change your glasses when you are out. Some people who are having vision disability may be having separate sunglasses for indoors and separate ones for outdoors. These clip on sunglasses are ideal because all you need to do is simply clip the lenses on to the glasses you are wearing and you now have a different style of sunglasses.

specialized magnetic clip on sunglasses

Essentials of Clip On Sunglasses

  • There are many diverse types of clip on sunglasses that will help you with your sight problems. You can choose them based on your comfort level and assistance from an ophthalmologist.
  • There are also custom clip on sunglasses that you can request to be made according to your taste and style.

exciting custom clip on sunglasses

  • As mentioned, clip on sunglasses can either be attached with clips or magnets. The clipped sunglasses have a clip at the bridge. The clip will clasp onto your prescription sunglasses. Some people don’t like the idea of clips and thus magnetic sunglasses are more suited for them. The principle behind the two is the same. The only different is in the material used for attachment. The magnets are very tiny and are present on the sides of the sunglasses and not in the bridge.
  • There are numerous brands such as Cocoons clip on sunglasses that you could pick from. Cocoon sunglasses are known for the quality and the ease of use they offer to the wearer. No matter which brand you select, you should be careful when you shop for clip on sunglasses. Make sure you buy a pair of sunglasses that goes with the prescription glasses you wear. The compatibility should be in both lens grade as well as shape. If you pick the wrong grade or shape, you will end up damaging your vision further.

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  • Along with giving you convenience, clip on sunglasses add a lot of style to your look. They are more than just a functional pair of lenses. They work both as vision helpers and style enhancers.
  • You can choose from the different types of clip on sunglasses such as those that are polarized, equipped with UV protection and those that are prescribed.

polarized cocoons clip on sunglasses

Now that you know all about these lenses, it is time you purchase a pair for yourself. These clip on sunglasses will not only answer your vision deficiency but also your style needs.