Despite the advance technology of cars, we still need to check and replace the tires if needed regularly. As an owner of the vehicle, you need to replace the tires a few times through its entire life. As what they say, nothing will last forever. But there are certain things that you could do to lengthen any types of tires. If you are not aware, tires are classified into different types of usage and the vehicle. As of today, you can find many of tires in various types.

Types of Tires

  • The All-Season Tire: This tire is made to balance between performance, grip, noise reduction, longevity and from weather safety, especially during wet times. It is constructed from hard rubber for it to increase the performance and life of the tire. The tire is released because of the effective use and usable for the whole year.

different types of tires

  • The Touring Tire: This is one of the types of tires that are mostly used by minivans and cars. The tire has a combination performance of quality and smooth ride for the passenger. It is one of the most popular options, as they deliver not only tread wear but comfort.

  • The Performance Tire: It is designed for aggressive driving and high-speed performances. It is made with soft rubber to increase the traction and drivers can improve the handling. It has wider tread and depths than the other two types of tires.

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  • The Original Equipment Tire: It is manufactured to increase the performance and handling of new vehicles. It is important to determine the comfort and performance characters of vehicles through this original tire. The manufacturers are required to brand their tires of OE supplier with codes so the car owners can maintain the original ability of the vehicles.

  • The Winter Tire: This tire is designed for the low temperature days. It is made from soft rubber, which heats up from cold to improve the grip on slippery ice and snow. It has a feature of sipes, which is not in traditional types of tires to remove the snow in its way and increase its contraction on the road. One nice brand of this type is the General Altimax Arctic and this brand is good for any sedans, minivans and crossover cars.

These are some of the tires that you must know with their own usage and specification. Now, you know what tires you have to buy for your car.