There are several types of barcode readers, which help in various activities in the society. The business sector is one area that has benefited from the existence of these code scanners. They assist in actualizing point-of-sale applications in malls and supermarkets. People also use bar code readers in maintaining the inventories of their enterprises. Additionally, these scanners help in tracking locations, purchase dates and quantities of various objects. For decades, bar code readers have been in existence where they have proved to be more accurate and faster than manual typing.

Different Types of Bar Code Readers

  • Fixed Barcode Scanners

The fixed bar code scanner works by transmitting data about one item at a time. Usually, people can find them at retail stores or supermarkets. Those who use the fixed bar code readers swipe the objects or goods over a flat scanner. Alternatively, they would wave them one by one below a mounted code scanner near their register. As such, fixed bar code readers are affixed to a terminal spot.

different types of barcode readers

  • Pen Type Bar Code Readers

These types of barcode readers come embedded with a photodiode and light source placed together in a wand or pen’s tip. They function via a movement of the pen’s tip steadily across the bars. The photodiode estimates the light intensity emanating from the reflection of the light source. Thereafter, it formulates a waveform to measure the bars’ width and spaces. Light absorption occurs in the dark bars while reflection occurs in the white spaces. This code scanner then decodes the dots and dashes in the scanner in Morse Code-like manner.

  • Camera-Based Readers

Camera-based barcode readers have established themselves as the most recent technology with regards to code scanning. Unlike other types of barcode readers, it uses 2D imaging technology to capture images of the barcodes. In this regard, it contains a tiny video camera to capture these images. Subsequently, decoding of the bar codes occurs courtesy of the sophisticated digital image of the readers.

cost effective code scanner

  • The CCD Bar Code Scanner

This kind of code scanner fulfills its duties by using its numerous light sensors to decode the bar codes. Every sensor measures the light intensity, which results in a voltage pattern to estimate the voltage. Afterwards, sequential measuring of voltages occurs in each sensor in the row. This allows it to transmit the bar codes.

  • Laser Scanners

These types of barcode readers use laser beams to decode bar codes. The laser beam functions as a light source and employs a reciprocating mirror to scan the beam to and from the bar code. It also contains a photodiode that measure the light intensity from the bar code.

Although there are several types of barcode readers, these code scanners possess overall advantages. They help in achieving accuracy when undertaking tasks like price scanning and inventory monitoring. These functions could prove tedious and error-prone when they involve manual efforts. Barcode scanners also provide a sense of security to goods in transit. Such agencies like UPS and FedEx use these code scanners to track packages on delivery. Their clients can then know the location of their package by the minute. The various types of barcode readers inevitably provide people with a convenient way of handling their daily routine.