Tights and pantyhose are parts of your clothing used to wear on your legs. The two leg wears are named as hosiery that fit to the legs. Though they are the same tight and fit, they actually have differences. Find out the differences between these two leg wears here.

Differences of Tights vs. Pantyhose

When it comes to tights vs. pantyhose, there are actually many things that differ both from each other. Tights are like pantyhose yet they are much thicker and the fabric is denser compared to the other one. The tights were made for horseback riding during the Medieval Ages. Long ago, they were made with silk and used by noble men.

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As of today, they are now used by women to follow the fashion trends as well as to protect from any wardrobe malfunction. The fashion industry has also paved the way for designers to create various styles of this garment. Pantyhose is also known in American term as close fit legwear that us made from sheer cloth. It covers from waist to the leg. Usually, it is made from a little bit lycra and nylon.

  • The main difference between tights vs. pantyhose is the fabrics they are made of, because tights are thicker than the pantyhose.

  • The thickness of the fabric of these garments is measured by Deniers. The higher the Denier, the thicker the fabric is. If the material used is a 40 Denier or below, it is considered as a pantyhose while if it is 40 Denier and above, it is considered as tights.

  • Tights can be worn on its own while pantyhose must be worn with something to cover it up.

  • When you say pantyhose, it is usually associated with lingerie while tights are considered as a type of casual clothing.

Pros of Tights and Pantyhose

  • They give positive effect to the one wearing them, especially those athletes and people who are into sports.

  • Tights are also vital wardrobes for people who are into dancing and the most common are the black tights.

  • Tights are also beneficial to those who stand most of the time during their work as some types of tights are meant to minimize fatigue in the lower extremities.

  • Pantyhose are made to enhance the appearance of the legs. When pantyhose are darker, it makes the legs slimmer.

  • Pantyhose provide warmth during winter season.

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Cons of Tights and Pantyhose

  • Both pantyhose and tights are made with non-absorbent material, which means they have health risk issues such as UTI.

  • They trap bacteria and they increase the temperature on your genital part. Due to this, you are at risk to develop yeast infection.

  • For very skinny and large body types, these undergarments are very uncomfortable and do not look flattering.

Now that you have an idea on the differences between tights vs. pantyhose, it is up to you to choose which of the two best suits your lifestyle. If your work requires you to stand for long hours, such as a nurse, consider investing on good quality tights or pantyhose for added support and comfort.