There are always situations that we get into in life that demand that we have the right type of skirt for the right occasion. Whether you are going on a new date with that new special someone in your life or attending a business meeting, there is an appropriate type of skirt to wear. One skirt will not fit every occasion. Choosing the right skirt can sometimes be quite a dilemma, but you can easily prevent yourself from stressing out with these tips on the many different types of skirts and how to wear them.

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 Ways of Wearing Certain Types of Skirts


  • Bubble types of skirts and how to wear them

    Absolutely gorgeous, these skirts can really cause you to stand out from the crowd. Practical for any season or occasion, they look great when paired with your favorite pair of pumps and leggings. Bubble skirts can also be easily accessorized with a cute belt around the waist. Just do not overdo it with the accessories. When choosing the color of your skirt, it is best to go with solid colors. Keeping it simple is important when wearing this type of skirt. However, there are some disadvantages to these types of skirts. There are many people who argue that not everyone can pull off wearing a bubble skirt. When you are shopping for your new beautiful skirt, be sure to pick one out that does not droop.


  • Pleated types of skirts and how to wear them

When you are picking out your skirt, if you want to look as flattering as possible while you are wearing it, make sure to pick out one with loads of pleats. These will add style to an otherwise boring skirt. A very cute look that works great if the temperatures are low is to wear your skirt with a cropped jacket. This paired with a ribbed turtleneck top will look great with a mini pleated skirt.

  • Mini types of skirts and how to wear them

If you do have long legs, getting a skirt that comes just below the knee will look best on you. Otherwise, above the knee mini skirts will give the appearance of long legs. It is okay to go mini with a skirt during a night out with the girls. But, if you are not sure if you can pull it off, you can wear some dark leggings under the skirt.

Different Types Of Skirts And How To Wear Them

Additional Tips When Buying a Skirt

Skirts are a great alternative to dresses, especially when paired with gorgeous tops. So, when shopping for a skirt, it would also be wise for you to shop for wonderful tops you can pair with your skirt. In case you are unsure on what to buy, it is advised that you should try your skirt on, along with the top you like, as well as shoes, and a belt. Doing so will help you picture out how you will look with a particular ensemble involving the skirt you are about to buy.