The installation and use of a Thule ski rack is essential for people or families who love skiing whether as a sport or regular recreational activity. All skis are required to be stored and transported with care and in the proper manner as provided by the manufacturer. Failure to observe prescribed use and maintenance may result to ski damage, curve misalignment, early wear and tear, underperformance, and eventually risk the life and safety of the user during every skiing action. The Thule 5401 Snowcat ski rack, for example, is ergonomically designed to accommodate and safely transport up to six pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.

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Getting To Know Thule Brand

Before the production of quality Thule ski rack, Thule’s original business was the selling of pike traps and other practical sports and hobby equipment designed by Erik Thulin, the company’s founder. It’s only during the 60’s that the company has considered venturing into the production and sale of other equipment for automobiles including car roof racks. During the 70’s, the company exported its products worldwide.

After the company was sold to a larger public company, innovation, research, and design have made it possible for the company to improve and increase its product line. By this time, there were already custom made trailers and rooftop boxes. Only recently when the company acquired an Italian snow chain company, Konig, that Thule proceeded with the design and production of automobile gears and equipment suitable for ice and snow activities. A number of Thule ski rack designs were introduced, each with their corresponding uses, benefits, and features. The Thule hitch ski rack is among the most popular designs.

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Ski Rack Parts

Ski racks manufactured by Thule is sold as a complete set but several Thule ski rack parts are also made available to allow the car owner to customize or assemble his or her ski rack according to preference or to suit the requirements or ergonomic design of the vehicle. Among the spare parts of the Thule ski rack include the following:

·        The Thule Bar or Crossbars

The crossbars are the main frames or support of not only ski racks but all auto racks as well. Two pieces of these bars are usually positioned perpendicularly with the vehicle’s top length and are held in place by the gutter foot or clamps screwed in the vehicle roof.

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·        The Thule Rapid System, Gutter Foot, or Hooks

The rapid system, gutter foot, or hooks are similar in nature and serve the same purpose of keeping the rack sturdily attached to the vehicle’s roof. These Thule pieces are not made of plastic but durable and high density material. There are also different designs and sizes for these hooks to be suitable for certain shapes and sizes of vehicle roofs.

·        The Ski Carriers or Clamps

The ski carriers or clamps are the main Thule ski rack holder. These clamps are installed on the Thule bars or other ordinary vehicle rack to be able to hold the ski sets in place. The holding capacity of the ski rack will be dependent on the size of the ski carriers installed, the number of carriers or clamps installed, and on the area of the vehicle’s roof.

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