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The Security and Features Of Fellowes Shredders | Content Injection

Fellowes shredders are a top brand in the industry and really carry a hallmark of quality with their name. Consumers buy their branded shredders because they know that the name is synonymous with quality. When it comes to paper shredders there are several things that come to mind, the first is usually security. Fellowes paper shredders and other shredder manufacturers need to ensure that their customer’s security is safe. After all shredders are mainly used for concealing sensitive information that is being discarded. Second to the security of a paper shredder the product specifications will probably be the most important thing for consumers. These include factors such as speed (in pages per minute or another comparable factor), the type of shredding cut and the sheet capacity of the unit. Some shredder units carry unique features that allow them to add value to what they are offering the customer too.

firts class fellowes paper shredders

When reading Fellowes shredders reviews, potential customers will be extremely pleased. The consensus amongst purchasers is mainly of high quality and low fuss. The Fellowes shredders are designed with longevity and user simplicity in mind. They are plug and use units, where there are no complex set up methods needed. With cheap unbranded shredders sometimes the cut, speed and consistency of the unit is variable. In addition to this there is no guarantee how good a cheap unit is or how long they will last. Over a period of years it will often be more expensive having to replace multiple cheap paper shredders than buying a quality branded one like Fellowes shredders.

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Let us look at Fellowes shredders in a direct comparison to other types and brands in a pro/con scenario:

Fellowes Shredders Pros

  • Jam proof technology
  • Silent shredding mode
  • Cross cut capability
  • Patented technology to stop shredding when hand touch entry point
  • Patented safety locks
  • Trusted and established brand
  • Can take more sheets per feed than other brands
  • More costly than shredders with lesser features
  • Do not usually include pull out waste bin design
  • Some units have a trade off between safety / technology and waste capacity

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Fellowes Shredders Cons

Overall it can be seen that Fellowes shredders have a very good comparison against other manufacturers. They integrate a lot of exclusive and patented technology into their shredders and develop this consistently. This goes to show that the brand actively tries to provide real unique value to customers. By integrating patented technology Fellowes give customers something they cannot get elsewhere. After all these technologies are designed to make the units more safe and secure; which should be a paper shredder customers number one priority.

world class quality fellowes shredders parts

As a well established brand there is also more knowledge about the units out there. So this is advantageous if someone accidently breaks it by trying to shred a large staple or something that should not have went into the unit. There is more chance of getting a branded machine repaired than a cheap machine. There are established supply chains for Fellowes shredders parts and therefore repairs can be carried out easily if needed. All of this make the choice of shredder an easy one, go for the best. It will work it a sensible choice in the long run.