Top Brands

There are several styles of lace underwear available in the market. However, what most women look out for are the brands. Here are the most popular brands of lace underwear for women:

worlds popula hanky panky lace

  1. Hanky Panky. These are by far the most common brands of lace undies, especially lace thongs, around. They are well modeled and form fitting and they give an excellent and flattering shape. One can get them in all colors especially red and brown and black. White lace is also very alluring and beautifully made. The lace is very tight and does not have to be revealing at all if one does not want it to. It almost appears opaque. They are made of nylon and spandex and needless to say they have enough stretch. These are popular brands of lace thongs and most women love them.
  2. Cosabella. They have the most beautiful floral lace thong and they have special designs. The low rise design is especially great because it ensures that the low rise clothing goes into it perfectly and so one does not have to spot telltale lines under the clothes. They have sewn in cotton crotch to ensure one is comfortable in it all through. The lace stretch sides ensure that it can fit any size of hips and so the sizes are mostly general. They have minimal rear coverage and so it is very hard for them to show over the other clothing.
  3. Victoria’s Secret. This is a household name when it comes to lingerie. They are the definition of style and chic. Their signature lace trim thong is very nice because it combines comfort and style in one. Their lace is unique and durable and this is the best brand for thongs.
  4. Betsy Johnson. If you want to go all the way in style with string side thongs, then this is the brand for you. They are also great on ruffles and so you will have the most uniquely designed thongs. The color ranges is also great and everyone will love them. They mostly have the sexy floral lace front and a mesh back that is light and airy. The side seams will not let you down because they are very flat and will never show over the clothes.
  5. La Perla. These are the most intimately-made pieces of lace thong for the modern woman. They are light and almost feel like a second skin. You will not get any lines on clothes from these for sure. These are popular brands of lace thong and every woman who likes style and romance blended must try it out. They have a sheer stretch mesh back panel that is just awesome.

la perla best seller lace thong