Whenever the name Alpinestars signature collection is mentioned, you would probably think of their striking line of sportswear. And because it has become a major sponsor for numerous racers worldwide, you will find its logo on every race track there is. Alpinestars has also started to captivate the fashion industry through its good-looking collection of men and ladies’ wear.

Even though Alpinestars signature collection is doing great at the market, the company is currently focused in creating ground breaking touring gear. And below are the most outstanding items in this Alpinestars collection.

alpinestars long range 2 dry jacket and pants

Alpinestars Signature Collection Items

  • Long Range 2 Dry Jacket and Pants
    BMW GS owners will be delighted with this pair of touring gear. Built for riding all year round, it has the four-in-one configuration system that is perfectly tailored to adapt to the environment. The said system comprises of four layers that include an exterior, thermal layer, and a double Drystar breathable layer that is waterproof and can be pulled as a separate jacket.Its main panels that are made from dual coated polyamide fabric are extremely resistant to abrasion and wearing. For extra abrasion assistance, the jacket is made with textured fabric inserts that are place on prone areas. Wearing this jacket will give you all the comfort, fit, and impact protection that you need as Alpinestars continuously work to provide the best sports gear for its consumers.

    The features of the pants are almost the same as the jacket. Because it has a full-circumference zipper, it can be worn as a bib or by simply attaching it to the jacket. Your knees are securely protected as it has the CE Certified Bio Armor that acts as a shield. Your thigh area is less likely to be injured as well as it has padding that protects you from strong impact.

  • Lucerne Drystar Jacket
    This jacket has the same four-in-one configuration as the Long Range 2; however, it does not have three-quarter length and comes in a more fitted look. Fabric reinforcements made from brushed polyamide with polyester adds strength and durability to the material. To protect you from injuries, it has sleek and light Bio Armor shields in the shoulder and elbow area to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable and bulky.The Lucerne jacket comes with a back and chest padding, but you may also purchase additional chest and back inserts if you want an upgrade.
  • Fastlane Shoe
    The Fastlane shoe is the by-product when two-wheeled and four-wheeled worlds collide. Purposely created for casual riding along the city streets, the Fastlane shoe in the Alpinestars signature collection may look like a typical driving shoe, but with plenty of motor-specific features.Your ankle and toe will surely be protected with its external protectors backed with foam and surrounded with double density cups. In case of crash, you’ll never have to worry about foot deformation as it has a metal shank to reduce the risk.
  • S-MX 2 by Alpinestars Boots
    Adopting the technology of S-MX 4 riding boots, these Alpinestars boots makes a new style of low-cut street boots. Equipped with the protection technology that Alpinestars is known for, these boots provide utmost flexibility and safety to the wearer.

all time favourite S-MX 2 by alpinestars boots

These items will be available at your local Alpinestars stores, if they are not there yet. For more information on Alpinestars signature collection, visit the Alpinestars’ official website.