It is undeniable that even in this very high tech world, some things still remain the same. One example is the pens. That’s true and you can actually look around and get a pen. Many people still use pens to such as Uni ball signo and colored ballpoint pens to sign paperwork, write checks, or draw a thing even though you can now email and communicate through the internet. However, aside from that type of pens, there are also other pen which is easy to find and very affordable. That is the ballpoint pens. This type of pens is very helpful especially in an office work.

black composite yellow golden roadster ballpoint pen

Problems With Other Pens

Pens, from the days of quill pens, reed pens, fountain pens, as well as metal nib pens, have a very long way. However, these pens have a lot of problems. These problems is that the ink would flow unequally which makes people hard to write. This is because of the reason that the ink used in these pens was slow drying due to its exposure in the air that set out through the pen. As a result, when this situation happens, the ink became gummy which makes the reason to clean the entire pen.

The Ballpoint Pens Solution

The problems stated above eliminated by the ballpoint pens. You may be wondering how it works and asking yourself why the ink emerges smoothly.

  • The ink dries very fast. One of the reasons why ballpoint pens eliminated the problems created by the other pens is that its ink dry very fast once it comes out. The ink never dries inside the pen. This is one of the most important things to ensure that your pen sticks with you for a longer period of time. This type of pen has a ball at the point of the pen, thus the name.As the name suggests, it has a ball in its point where the ink comes out and that ball rotates. As a matter of fact, this ball is made of metal. This ball is the one responsible is dispersing the ink when it rolls around.
  • This pen has a socket. The ballpoint pens have a socket and that is the one responsible in connecting the ball to the pen. This socket is placed between the ink tank and the paper. This socket holds the ball very tight so it can roll around as the user writes.

cross ATX black lacquer ballpoint pen

Some Notable Setbacks

This type of pen requires a great amount of pressure. Similar to other pens, the ballpoint pens, even though it is retractable ballpoint pens, requires a great amount of pressure in order to write. In fact, in some cases, this type of pen will not write smoothly.

The ballpoint pens are very tiny. Also, you can now get personalized ballpoint pens if you want it too. If you try to examine it, it may hard for you. But, you can still see how the magic of this pen works through examining a bottle of deodorant in a roll-on type.