The Indiana Jones Hat became famous via the very first Indiana Jones movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” which hit the movie screens way back in 1981. Millions of movie goers worldwide recognize the hat as being linked to the intrepid explorer Indiana Jones.  People want to own a hat just like Indiana’s, and play out their own fantasy of being a fun loving, likeable adventurer!

Where did the Indiana Jones Hat originate?

Epic Indiana Jones Hat

To find out what kind of hat does Indiana jones wear, you need to know the story behind the famous hat.

The story has it that during the shooting of the first Indiana Jones movie, both Harrison Ford (who played the part of Indiana Jones) and Steven Spielberg were looking for the right head gear to compliment the role of Indiana Jones. The pair came across a traditional hat maker shop in London. The hat maker was called at that time Herbert Johnsons; it was first established in 1750 and made hats by appointment to the Queen, certainly a fitting place for Mr Spielberg to choose the hat from!

Know what kind of hat does Indiana jones wear

They selected a style of hat named “The Poet”. The Poet was introduced in the 1890’s and was based around a fedora.  This particular hat was made from felt and in chosen in a sable color. After much discussion about the exact specifications, the hat was sent off to be redesigned to suit the exacting demands of the pair. The hat makers made some changes to the shape of the hat, making it more ovoid, so the brim came down further over Indiana Jones face and shielded his eyes. The ribbon trim was widened also; this made the hat appear taller. Finally, of course the hat makers fitted the hat to Harrison Ford’s head and the Indiana Jones hat was borne!

Features of the Indiana Jones hat Type

Remarkable Indiana jones hat type

The classic features of the Indiana jones hat type is the fedora styling. The traditional features of the fedora are the pinched appearance on the front and sides of the crown of the hat. This varies with each hat but appears on all fedoras. The Indiana jones hat is usually made from felt and wool and can be manufactured from fur in some instances. The hats come in a range of colors, ranging from the famous sable, brown, black and grey. However, there are many other variations available.  The trim around the crown is often thick quality ribbon, but can be leather and suede.

The hat can be purchased in the correct size to fit your crown.  The original shop that manufactured the Indiana jones hat offers customers the opportunity to choose hat in sizes from 55cm through to 63cm. It may be possible to purchase a hat in larger sizes by special order from certain stores.  To establish which size best fits you, you will need to measure around the widest part of your head using a soft tape measure.

How to look good in an Indiana Jones fedora hat

Fashionable Indiana jones fedora hat

If you fancy wearing an Indiana jones fedora hat, there will definitely be plenty of different styles, colors and designs to choose from.  Both men and women can look good in this hat type. You can team it up with casual combats and sneakers for a day time look. Or how about jeans and leather hi-cut boots for the authentic look. Ladies can select a hat in a color to suit their outfit, put on a pair of oversized sunglasses and wear the Indiana jones hat at the beach. The Indiana jones hat type can be purchased online through a number of outlets and in the hat section of larger department stores. Herbert Johnson, now under the name of Swaine Adeney Brigg, still makes the original Poet hat, so you could even get your hands on the real deal!