Did you know that the use of the checkered flags in sports dates back to the 18th century? Well, sports flags are usually overlooked, but without them, sporting activities would not run as smoothly as they do. For instance, think about the flag a lines man carries around during a soccer match. Every time he raises it up, the players referee and even the fans know he is trying to communicate something. If there were no flags, he would probably have to shout, which would not be that effective. Checkered flags are used more in racing but they also have their own significance.

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Introduction of Checkered Flags

It is believed that in the 1800s, after the horse racing competitions, people would gather together in places such as church halls and share a meal. To signal that the food was ready, a table cloth would be waved in the air. The tablecloths were checkered. With time, people started waving these checkered fabrics at the horse races and the use of checkered flags began.

Checkered Flags Benefits in Sports

To start with, checkered flags are really easy to notice. This is because of the contrast in colors. If you want to get the attention of racers fast, you should make use of a checkered flag. Whether, you are holding a college event or a professional sporting event, the flags will make communication very simple.

Secondly, sports flags have a way of raising the sporting spirit. When the fans are waving their flags in support of a certain sports person, he will feel encouraged. Most teams usually have their flags and carrying one means you are supporting that particular person or team.

They also make sporting events really colorful. Checkered flags come in all colors. They make a sporting event look bright and lively. They give a clear meaning to whom a particular audience is supporting in a sporting competition.

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Where to Get Sports Flags

Getting sports flags can be quite tricky at times. However, there are several ways you can get genuine team flags. One of the ways to do this is to contact the team itself. If for instance, you are having a college sports event, the team representatives will know how you can get sports flags. There are also distributors during the game itself. There are very many distributors in the market. This means that getting a genuine flag can be a challenge. However, making sure you are shopping from a reliable source will help you avoid paying for a fake.

You should also consider the material of the flag. The flag should be durable because the love of a team does not easily fade. Buy high quality flags so that you will not have to go back to the vendor every two months. Make sure the colors do not fade easily. Sports flags are the spirit of any sports event. Sports events without checkered flags are simply unimaginable.