Photos are very important in an individual’s life as they are constant reminders of moments that one would not want to forget about. Many people tend to take so many pictures and stack them all together making photos a mess instead of valuable items that are keepers of fond memories. A picture organizer refers to a utility, either manual or digital that comes in handy when trying to arrange or better still organise photos in a way that reduces the mess a very large number of photos can cause be they in hard or soft copies.

colorful file and photo organizers

Organizing Photos by Time

To have a complete order when it comes to organising pictures, it is important that one arranges all their photos in folders. These photo folders should each be labelled according to the kind of photos they contain making it very simple to refer to a particular photo when the need arises. Many at times, people organise their photos and group them on basis of when they were taken. For instance, one could have photos of themselves as infants, then a toddler, then a teenager and so on. This way it is easier for an individual to locate particular photos.

Organizing Photos by Events

It is also quite normal to hear of people organising their photos on the basis of events in which they were taken. Some of the common events that call for such photo organisation include;

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Conferences
  • Team Building
  • Reunions

When organising photos in the above format, it is important for one to include dates as well as the specific kind of event.

Organizing Photos by Relation

Another format that can be used in a picture organizer is by putting these photos in folders based on relations. For example, there can be a folder in which there photos of members of the immediate family, another with those of the extended family and another with friends’ photos.

Organizing Photos Using Frames

After sorting out photos and knowing which one should go in what folder, one is often left with some photos that require to be hanged and hence need framing. The following is what needs to be put in mind when organising photos using frames:

  • One could choose a frame that matches the setting of the photo
  • For very small photos, enlargement is required before framing
  • Not all photos are good for framing therefore, only the most appropriate ones should be framed.
  • Go for the right size of picture frame

dynamic frames as photo organizer

When using organiser albums, one could write about the photo on the spaces provided at the edge to remind them of the events where the photos were shot.

Picture organizers can be decorated with whatever kind of stick-ons, drawings and writings. These make the organizers look lively hence appealing. Picture organizers are very vital for the purposes of organizing photos and any person interested in photography ought to know about these organizers.