Whether you are a professional handyman or a simple backyard hobbyist, a horizontal band saw can be one of your most useful and indispensable tools. Ask any craftsman and he will tell you that your possibilities are only as broad as the quality of your tools. A horizontal metal band saw has a variety of uses, making it a must-have in almost any type of woodwork or fabrication shop.

A horizontal band saw is unique from its vertical counterpart. Unlike verticals, horizontal band saws hold the piece of material stationary while the blade itself moves in order to perform the cut.

metal horizontal band saw

This is in contrast to vertical saws whose blade is stationary and require the user to move the material against it. For this reason, horizontal band saws are able to produce slightly more accurate cuts, and are somewhat safer since the user does not have to directly interact with the cutting surface.

The setup of a horizontal band saw makes it especially useful for cutting long pieces of material. Furthermore, they are perfectly suited for cutting many different types of materials. The saw itself is lowered onto the cutting plane primarily by gravity, with most models featuring a coil mechanism that slows the rate of descent for the most accurate cut and added safety.

affordable used horizontal band saw

The rate at which the saw moves is also controlled by a hydraulic system, which can be adjusted to set the rate to the user’s liking. In addition, modern band saws are constructed from high quality steel, keeping the blade sharp and functional for years at a time, and giving it superb strength for handling even the most stubborn cuts.

Many modern horizontal metal cutting band saws feature automatic shut off gauges, as well. These are activated when the saw fully penetrates the material and trips the shut-off switch. This is an excellent feature for creating the safest working environment possible.

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Uses and Advantages of a Horizontal Metal Band Saw

  • A horizontal band saw is a beneficial piece of equipment since it has multiple capabilities. Simple woodworking jobs are perfectly suited for band saws. They can easily handle cutting long pieces of wood into smaller portions, or create large, flat pieces for projects like tables and other wooden furniture.

  • A horizontal metal band saw can also make quick work of all types of metal. From the thinnest metal sheets to the toughest thick metal pipes, the ability to cut metal is one of the standout uses of a horizontal band saw.

horizontal dual column automatic metal cutting band saw

  • Even other materials like plastic can be cut and manipulated with a horizontal band saw. This makes it the ideal tool when using non-traditional materials.

Many craftsmen choose to purchase a used horizontal band saw, as this is obviously a more frugal way to invest in your shop’s tool set. Most band saws have replaceable blades, so even if the used band saw you are considering is a little worn down, it is still far cheaper to purchase a used model and simply replace the blade. Whether you go with a new or used, horizontal band saw, your shop will be much more versatile.