Thigh high boots have stormed the fashion world since they make the wearer very sexy and stylish. This article will provide you the information on how thigh high boots came into existence and the current trend.

fashionably thigh high boots

The Rise to Popularity

Thigh high boots can be tracked from so many years in history, after being showcased in the movie ‘The Three Musketeers’. The following are the events that played a role in the rise of these boots.

  • During the 19th century, they were used by prostitutes in London since they have such a sexy aura around them. During that time, they were not famous and not many girls in the world used them.
  • However, the fashion trend started from the 1980s, after Madonna wore the boots in her music videos. This was the time when she was the most admired pop music star. All the fans admired the trend and started wearing them, since they are erotic and kinky.
  • From that time until today, they have been in fashion and the trend is revisited at least  every ten years.
  • These boots, especially the leather thigh high boots have been used in so many movies like ‘Pretty Woman’, increasing their popularity all over the world.

Over time, thigh high boots have had many different names. In the 1980s, they used to be referred to as over the knee length laced leather boots. From that time, they have been given several other names. These include thigh length boots, high boots, over the knee boots, pirate boots (when they are cuffed) and crotch boots. These days, they are just referred to as just thigh high boots.

Uses and Varieties

When fashion trends for thigh high boots were starting, not everyone had considerable impressions about them. The conservative societies viewed them as slutty items but the youth embraced them since their idols in music and movies used them. From that time, these boots have had so many uses. Among these uses include:

  • They have been used to make fashion statements.
  • Are good to wear during the cold seasons since they keep feet warm.

There is a wide variety of thigh high boots in the market. It is, therefore, possible for each and everyone to find something that will suit them. It does not matter whether or not you are slim, since there are regular size and plus size thigh high boots. Nearly all fashion houses have these boots in store and they are all of different measurements. Some of these measurements include:

  • just above the knee
  • mid thigh level
  • near the crotch

exceptional thigh high boot

In today’s fashion world, there are current trends that are on demand. This includes designs, measurements and color.  There are red thigh high boots as well as black suede boots, most of which are highly in demand. Thigh high boots are particularly famous and they will not be gone soon. You should not be left behind; hence, get in line with fashion and have these boots.