Putting down ideas these days does not automatically fall on paper. With the advent of technology, the gel pen, ballpoint and roller balls are losing popularity among writers. So it is no wonder pen makers design distinct ink to attract writers to write down their ideas rather than type them. Writers are naturally artistic and many opt to express their ideas in words, and what they write it with is also an expression of their artistry. Gel pens are gaining more popularity because of the advantages it has over other kinds of pens in the market, namely the ball point and roller ball.

cross ATX black lacquer ballpoint pen

Understanding The Difference

One might ask what are the differences of ballpoint, roller ball and gel pens. Basically, the main thing is the kind of ink being used.

  • Ballpoint pens have oil-based ink that is known to write smoothly and is water-resistant. Ballpoints do not smudge easily. Ballpoints usually have thick ink.
  • In contrast, roller ball pens use thin water-based ink that writes without much pressure but bleeds and smudges easily.
  • The gel pen takes the best characteristics of ballpoints and roller balls. The ink is a combination of water- and ink-based material which gives it a smooth light writing feel while protecting it from moisture and resists smudging after drying. It must be given enough time to set into the paper fibers to resist moisture. With roller balls, gel pens are also commonly used in formal writing, such as signing checks or important documents. It has become a requirement in polite correspondence.

cello pointec gel pen

The Preferred Choice

Uni ball signo is one of the more popular gel pen brands. Users always note its smooth and even writing. It also comes in vibrant colors to allow for creativity as used in art projects, scrapbooking or underlining books or notes. it has a comfort grip design and is tested not to leak when exposed to high cabin pressure during flights. The ink is acid free so it is fade resistant because it does not react with the oxygen in the air. Point size ranges from 0.38 mm to 1.0mm depending on the need of the writer. Black uni ball signos are best for check signing. The ink it uses is water resistant and this particular gel pen is marketed to be resistant to check fraud.

Gel pens give a more formal finish to any writing output. Indeed, seeing your words come to life with a good quality pen helps any writer to keep on scribbling his thoughts or other important words. Your gel pen will protect those ideas on paper so the right writing instrument must be used to achieve exactly that goal.