When it comes to wine glasses, Riedel glasses are the glasses of choice for both wine connoisseurs and entertainers the world over. With hundreds of designs to choose from, finding the perfect glass to compliment your bottle of wine or champagne is easy. With over 60 years in the wine glass industry, you can always count on your Riedel wine glasses or Riedel champagne glasses to not only turn heads, but also keep your fine wines tasting exactly as they should. As a family owned business, you can expect this reputation to stay strong for years to come.

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The Exquisite Elegance Of Riedel Glasses

Riedel glasses are as beautiful on the shelf as they are in the hand. This is due to their exceptional craftsmanship and unsurpassed attention to detail. Riedel verifies the quality of every glass with a stringent inspection and quality assurance program. For high-end lines, such as the world-renowned Sommeliers Black Tie line, each piece is hand blown at Austrian headquarters and balanced to ensure it is one of the finest glass pieces in the world. From the emphasis on contours to the feel of the glass in your hand, each of the hundreds of Riedel glasses are the product of the passion and dedication of the Riedel family to great wine tasting.

If you are unsure of which glasses fit your desired wine, champagne or cocktail, the Riedel offers a comprehensive wine glass guide that offers suggestions and previews of nearly every line available at their official website. The Celebration line is the flagship of the Riedel champagne glasses selection. From the elegant Vitis and Vinum lines to the stemless O-Riedel line, each glass offers a design specifically created to enhance the bouquet, balance, texture and bloom of each glass of wine you enjoy. Some of the popular Riedel glasses lines include the following glass collections below.

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Popular Riedel Glass Lines

  • Vinum
  • Swirl
  • Vitis
  • Wine
  • Sommeliers
  • Riedel O
  • Celebration
  • Ouverture

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Many lines of Riedel glasses are available at general retailers. These sets can range in cost from entry-level to moderate. These sets make wonderful wedding gifts and are perfect for formal holiday celebrations. Exclusive sets, such as the Sommeliers and Sommeliers Black Tie lines can run hundreds of dollars each. Of course, for many, the cost is justified by the unique experience offered and prestige of owning one of these exclusive glasses.

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If you are looking to save on costs, previous lines are available quite often through Riedel glasses discount sales. This is a great way to experience the quality and design of Riedel glasses without making a significant investment. For large events, such as parties or weddings, Riedel wine glasses wholesale distributors are a great source of savings. However, many of these distributors require minimum orders and might not offer a full line-up of Riedel glass from which to choose.