If you’re a fan of bonsai trees, then you’ll need to look into using the proper bonsai tools for proper cultivation. Whether you’re working with Japanese maple bonsai or junipers, many of the basic tools of the trade are similar. Be sure to research the needs of your particular bonsai species before using any pruning, planting or lighting apparatus to sustain them.

Bonsai tools overview

Bonsai tree tools and equipment are specialized for the successful cultivation of your bonsai tree. Masakuni bonsai tools have, arguably, the longest and most highly regarded history of all Japanese bonsai tools in the Far East. However, you don’t have to limit your choices to just one brand.

essential boinsai tool

Many of the tools are different cutters and shears, fertilizer kits and potting trays and containers.

Bonsai tree tools list

  • Shears – All different shape and size shears are available for your bonsai tools collection. Simply research the species of bonsai tree you’ve purchased and use the proper shears to get a clean cut.
  • Fertilizer kits – Like all living organisms, bonsai trees need nutrients and water to thrive. You will have to purchase fertilizers to keep the root system strong.
  • Round edge or knob cutters – These are different bonsai tree tools offering unique cuts for your most challenging shaping projects.
  • Concave cutter – Yet another type of bonsai tree cutter.
  • Wire cutter – For any wire element used to hold and support your bonsai, you’ll need some cutters to modify the wire.
  • Pruning shears – Designed for different caliper branches and foliage, you have a wide variety of different pruners to shape your bonsai.
  • Bonsai leaf shears – Depending on the type of leaves (not needles) you’re working with, these are the tools you’ll need to groom your bonsai tree.
  • Root rake – By stimulating the root system with some raking and physical touch, a root rake promotes growth. Roots can become pot bound and sometimes require some loosening to force growth and better nutrient and water absorption.

stainless boinsai tree root rake tool

  • Sharpening stone – These are highly useful tools for your bonsai tools collection. If you’re going to have sharp items for pruning, shearing, and cutting then you’ll need to keep them sharp. By using a sharpening stone you can keep your pruning tools sharp which allows for clean cuts and reduces the chance of injury and infection/bacterial or mold and mildew growth from improper cuts.
  • Bonsai pots (and with trays) – These are the containers and trays in which you’ll plant your bonsai trees to allow them to grow.