When the winter season sets in, the first thing you can see are different boots styled in different outfits. The shoe stores have gotten rid of their sexy T-straps and flats to give way for the more cold-ready boots and wedge booties.

Shopping for boots can get very tricky. This is because of the wide choices of boots out there on the market. There are also women who find it hard on how to wear them as much as how to shop. Boots like the wedge bootie are footwear which you can pair in almost all types of clothes. All you need is a little bit of coordination and mix up.

Uniquely Styled Wedge Bootie

Here are the do’s and don’ts in wearing boots. These things may help you get through the tough fashion needs of the entire winter season.


  1. Do try riding styles. You can look cool and nice when you can pair your cozy boots with your tailored blazer and tight jeans.
  2. Do tuck the skinny jeans into your boots. Leggings and skinny jeans are very natural to be paired with boots. For a sleek look, tuck the skinny jeans into the tops of the boots.
  3. Do dare bare-legged. If you have these amazing legs, why not try to flaunt them.
  4. Do wear tights. The best pair with ankle boots are black tights. The look can flatter you and is good enough for any cut of ankle boots.


  1. Don’t overdo your look. If you have collections of boots that are in daring color and bold, you can keep your appearance as simple as possible.
  2. Don’t wear longer skirts. The basic rule is, the taller the shaft of the boots the shorter the skirt must be. When you wear skirts that reach your knee pairing them with boots can make your legs shorter.
  3. Don’t mistake boots for formal wear shoes. Boots can never be a good replacement for stilettos or strappy sandals during formal events. They may be trendy but they must be worn on the right occasion.
  4. Don’t wear too much fringed and furry boots. It is cute when your boots are designed with fur but too much makes it look like little mammals eating off your feet.

Simply Awesome Wedge Bootie

Apply these do’s and don’ts in wearing boots and you are sure to survive the harsh winter weather – the biting cold and the coldness of a fashion faux pas.