A screw is very common tools used to fasten or hold jointly two different objects. However, there are numerous types of screws one can use today and if might confuse you on what they are called and what they are for. Below are the types of screws and its function to help you get the right one you need to a specific task.

Types Of Screws and Its Functions

  • Chipboard Screw/Particle Board Screw – it is same with drywall but the shapes are thinner and supplies more resistance.

  • Concrete screw/Masonry – it is made from stainless, ideal for fastening metal, wood or any objects used in masonry and concrete.

different types of screws

  • Deck Screw – it is one of the types of screws that is almost the same with drywall screw but has more deterioration resistance.

  • Double ended screw/Dowel screw – it is used especially if you do not want to see visible screws. It is same with wood screw but do not have head and has 2 pointed ends.

  • Drywall Screw – it is very common screw that is ideal for drywall attached to metal or wood. Physically, it has trumpet head.

  • Eye Screw – it is commonly called as “large eye screws”. It is ideal when you are trying to join two different objects that are hanged up. It is one of the most common types of screw.

  • Lag Screw/Coach Screw – it is larger than the wood screw having a diameter .25 to 0.5 and lengths with 15 inches. Most of the heavy timbers use lag screw.

  • Mirror Screw – from the name itself, the function of this screw is for mirror mounting. The appearance of this screw is different from the typical screw.

  • Sheet Metal Screw – the thread of this screw is sharp used to cut objects like wood, metal and plastic. This screw is usually jagged at the end.

  • Twin Fast Screw – it has two threads. The functions of the two thread is to make the fastening faster. The most common twin fast types of screws are drywall screws.

  • Wood Screw – this is made from metal having a pointed and sharpen end to join wood together. There are three head types of wood screw, oval head, pan head and flat head.

different torx screwdriver

  • Security Head Screw – this is mainly used for security reasons. It is very strong to hold two things and very unfeasible to reverse. If you try to reverse it, you must use special tool like spanner.

  • Torx Screw ­– usually used in gadgets, toys and electronic devices. The odd pattern it mean to refrain the owner from unscrewing the object since it is very likely that any novice would only destroy it.

Different types of screws functions differently so it is advisable that when trying to hold together two things used the accurate screw so that it is properly attached. Those are the types of screw found in the market. You should also use torx screwdriver to fasten the screws.