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The Different Types Of Scooter Tires | Content Injection

The popularity of scooters is once again rising rapidly today. This is because scooters are quite economical and handy as well, especially for short distance travels. Hence, along with the popularity of scooters is the increase in the demand of scooter tires. These tires come in a variety of colors, sizes as well as shapes. An individual is to choose the most appropriate scooter tires according to his or her personal taste, preference and driving style.

michelin pilot road scooter rear tire

Tire Types and Colors

The following are the types of scooter tires utilized today.

  • Razor tires – Razor tires are quite popular and are available in a variety of colors and designs. Some of them even have led lighting whereas others have a glittery finish.
  • Tires with bearings – These are performance-oriented tires and are quite impressive.
  • Metal core tires – Metal core tires are made from machined aluminum core and are for professional use. Also, they are durable and expensive.
  • Electric tires – Electric tires are eco-friendly wheels and are, therefore, becoming popular today with green motoring.

There are also off road scooter tires in the market today. These are specially designed tires that enable a scooter to operate in all kinds of terrain like on snow, muddy roads and even rough roads. These off road tires are relatively tougher than the original scooter tires, making them more expensive to obtain and maintain.

As much as black is the most common and most popular color of scooter tires, there are individuals who prefer to go for colored ones. The main reasons as to why an individual would go for colored scooter tires include the following:

  • Decorative purposes
  • To match a theme

most popular and most copied blue scooter tire design

Tire Cost

The difference between scooter tires and other kinds of tires include the price, color, size and stability. When it comes to the price, scooter tires are usually cheaper than the cost of other tire types. This makes it possible for owners of scooters to change their tires with so much financial ease. To make matters better, there are tires that are sold at prices lower than their original price. Cheap scooter tires can be obtained in the following ways:

  • On wholesale
  • Through online shopping
  • By buying used ones

Always go for brands that produce quality and durable scooter tires. Harley Davidson tires are a classic example of high quality tires. Therefore, it is advisable for people to go for them. For those with scooters, ensure that the tires you get for your scooter are quality, functional and durable to have a safe and comfortable ride.