Women who love the effects of mascara know there are more types of mascara than just the typical mascara they used to wear. Often, you won’t even bother to use these mascara during rainy seasons or sad occasions. The thing is you can always have the drama you achieve wearing mascara all the time. That is if you know your mascara and choose the best type you need depending on the occasion you plan to attend.

Types Of Mascara In The Market Today

There are about 6 types of mascara you can choose from. Although if you think about it, there are just two general types of mascara, the waterproof mascara and the traditional ‘normal’ mascara you are used wearing.

But because each general types can branch out achieving the same effects (aside from the fact that normal mascara can ruin your make up when it gets wet) the mascara types focused on what it can achieve. So without further ado, here are the 6 common types of mascara.

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  • Mascara for Length Effect

From its name, it is mascara that aims to achieve an illusion of length. This is best used by women with short thick lashes.

  • Mascara for More Volume Effect

These are mascara that can add volume to your eyelashes. Applying this will make your eyelashes thicker than what they truly are. Fine lashes will benefit from this type of mascara.

  • Mascara for Separate Lash Effect

These are mascara that separates each strand of your eyelashes to add more emphasis on each strand.

  • Mascara for Bending Effect

This mascara focuses on the curl of the eyelashes. Often this effect is combined with the lengthening mascara. This mascara is most suitable for naturally long and straight lashes.

  • Mascara for Nourishing

This is actually more a mascara for protecting the lashes than just being a makeup. Most often, this mascara type is applied before applying mascara for makeup.

  • Mascara for Color Effects

Mascara is often black and brown. But to achieve more life and vibrant, there are colored mascara like green, blue and a lot more.

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Top mascara brands that have one or a combination of two to three of these effects are Dior, Givenchy, Maybeline and L’Oreal. Most women opt to have Dior as it can also give volume. Givenchy is a very close choice to Dior however it smudges under too much heat and oily skin. Plus it is also very thick so it is not advisable for natural look. Maybeline and L’Oreal might not have the best rating but most women who love their lashes have tried these brands as well.

It is best to try more brands to achieve the effects that you need and will enhance the look of your lashes. Know what type of lashes you have to choose what type of mascara you will need. Also consider your life style in choosing your mascara. Waterproof mascara that will thicken, lengthen and bend your lashes is available in the market if you want it. Let these types of mascara guide you to choose what you needed the most.