Perfume is not just about the smell but also it defines our character and personality. It is somewhat the representation of status and can help our confidence while we socialize. To men, perfume is a symbol of power and their being masculine. As for women, they are for seduction and their femininity. Diesel perfume is considered as one of the best fulfilling perfume for men. Founded by an Italian company, Adriano Goldschmied and Renzo Rosso in the year 1978, these perfumes and colognes became popular to men. They are now producing wide range of perfumes and colognes.

Characteristics of Diesel Perfume

Best Collection of Diesel Cologne

  • Its fragrance: The diesel cologne is known for the innovative style and unique appeal. Their scents are from sophisticated, mysterious, clean, fresh, woodsy, refined, brave and powerful. The diesel has every scent ideal for men and women.
  • Its fashion line: Under the leadership of Renzo Rosso, diesel perfume is not in the top list among the fashion industry. Even though long ago it was not bringing much revenue to the company but because of his courage to travel the bumpy road, now the company is at its success.
  • The perfume series: Diesel has released different fragrance under the name of the brand for men and women. The first one to be released was named Diesel Zero Plus. In the year 1997, another cologne was released named Diesel Plus Plus. After ten years, a new perfume was again released and named as Diesel Fuel for Life Cologne. Adding to their series now was the latest one called Diesel Only The Brave.

Some Popular Diesel Perfumes

For Women Diesel Perfume

  • Only the Brave Edt 50ml Spray: This perfume helps you boost your confidence and tell your own personality. This is for you to be special and unique. The manly fragrance you smell is full of sensational harmony that gives approval to women. The ingredients range from labdanum, sytrax and leather, which make the perfume masculine and sensual.
  • Womens Perfume Fuel for Life: The perfume is made for sensuality and sweetness of a true woman. It represents the glamour and stylish life of a confident woman. The main ingredients of the diesel perfume consist of guava, pear, orange, aloe Vera, lemon and Mandarin.
  • Diesel Plus Plus for Men: The cologne has a mesmerizing smell that was launched in the year 1997. It has its own manly and bold fragrance. The perfume has also a mysterious effect when you start to use it.

In every fragrance you need, there is a wide selection of choices from Diesel Perfume. Pick out the best that you think suits your lifestyle.