Curve cologne can best be described as a masculine mixture of fresh greens, mahogany, pepper and warm wind and is best worn during daytime. If it is your first time hearing about the fragrance, you might be pleasantly surprised that it has actually been existing for a long time, compared to many other brands of perfumes. Curve cologne for men was first released by Liz Claiborne back in 1996. Its strong appeal through time is a confirmation of its vitality.

best scent Curve Cologne

Curve cologne is high on the priority of those who have worn it and deny using any other fragrance. Liz Claiborne is a world renowned designer who knew the best smells, allowing her to come up with the distinctive and elegant smell of Curve, which makes the selection process easy when you are confused what cologne to wear.

When it was first released, Curve did not immediately become a hit. The popularity came years later, when men started liking the way it smelled and showed, when worn for a longer period. The initial strong smell when you first put it on is gradually replaced by a comfortable and calm aroma. Thus, Curve cologne review ratings made the fragrance one of the most economically effective brands in the market.

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If you are thinking about buying the Curve cologne, here are 5 facts you must know about the product:

  • The fragrance is marketed today for both men and women although the masculine version seems to be more popular. Both older and younger men appreciate the fragrance. In fact, even teenagers find the clean scent especially appealing

  • The scent of Curve can be described as a blend of Douglas fir, green leaf and sandalwood but many who have used it also find a hint of Amber. The combination of rustic and fresh scents gives a rugged fragrance that men appreciate so much. The cologne is considered as moderate so it is perfect to be used every day

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  • The masculine version of Curve Cologne precedes the feminine scent by several years

  • The cologne is perfect for casual dressers. It is best worn during the day by men of all ages and the scent lasts from six to ten hours. Thus, you can wear it in the office and expect it to last until early evening

  • Women who find Curve attractive are those who like their men smelling nice but not fruity

best Curve cologne for men

For men who like to wear a signature scent but do not have the money to pay for expensive brands, cheap Curve cologne is the answer. You can find the 6.7 oz Curve Crush Cologne around $25 and the other Curve Cologne bottles below that price tag. You can save more by purchasing from the internet, since there are always discounts given by online outlets on popular perfumes such as the Curve cologne.