Using the right earring selection guide can help you find the right pair that has the ability to help you accentuate your features and make you feel and look better in just a matter of seconds. Here are some of the things that are tackled in a well-written guide.

Face Shape – Any good earring selection guide will tell you that there are certain types of earrings out there that can accentuate the wrong features in your face. This is the reason why you need to determine the shape of your face and match it with the right type of earrings. If you have an oval-shaped or round-shaped face, you should wear dangly or pointy earrings.

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They make up for the lack of corners in your face. If you have a diamond-shaped or heart-shaped face on the other hand, it is best to stick with drop earrings or ovals.

Skin Tone – Taking note of your skin tone is a good idea especially if you cannot decide on whether you should wear a pair of silver or gold earrings. You do not really need an earring selection guide in order to find out what your skin tone is. You just need to look at the prominent veins in your wrist under the sun and find out what color they are. If they are mostly green, then you have a warm skin tone which means that a pair of rose gold earrings may look prettier on you than silver ones. If your veins are mostly blue or violet on the other hand, you have a cool skin tone and you should go for white gold or silver.

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Age – Wearing age-appropriate earrings is the best thing that that you can do for yourself in order to ensure that this type of jewelry looks good on you. There is not a single earring selection guide on this planet that contains all of the designs of earrings out there. However, it helps to follow the general rule that super sparkly jewelry looks better on younger people. If you belong in the older age bracket, you need to wear shorter earrings. It is best to stay away from hoops or those earrings that are simply too dangly.

Attire – The earrings should match the color of the dress that you are wearing. It is best to take a look at an earring selection guide that can teach you all about the right color combinations that you need to consider in order to find the right pair.

With the use of all of these factors, you will be able to find pair that can make you look good no matter what you are wearing. However, if you really want to find the most appropriate one, you need to work on finding the other factors that can help you decide.