Leg warmers for women have been in and out of fashion since the 1970’s and are definitely popular again at the moment. For those not familiar with the leg warmers, they are much like a pair of long socks, minus the feet area. Basically, as the words suggest, they are meant only for the legs. There are many different types of leg warmers for women available on the market, and they can be a great addition to almost any outfit. Whereas they were originally seen as a sporting item, leg warmers are now entrenched in the mainstream fashion trends, and they come in all colors and materials. Wool leg warmers for women are very popular, but there are also many other materials to choose from including cotton, polyester, fleece and nylon. These leg warmers are also versatile as they can be worn with skirts, trousers, dresses, leggings and even shorts depending on your fashion preference.

hot pink eg warmers socks for women

Leg Warmer Trends

  • Children’s Fashion
  • Sports Equipment
  • Winter Gear


There are a number of different fashion trends that include the use of leg warmers as mentioned above. Leg warmers for women are particularly popular for winter weather, as they can offer warmth to the lower leg and knees, without the need for heavy and restricting trousers to be worn. The trend became especially popular after the hit show Fame, in which pink leg warmers for women and other brightly colored leg warmers were extremely prevalent in the attire of the performers.

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Red leg warmers for women are particularly popular as a part of causal wears. The color of the leg warmers is often matched up with the accessories of the entire outfit, so red leg warmers may be worn at the same time as a red bag, red hair piece or a red scarf. Though, be wary of overdoing the colors, as you do not want to look like Mrs. Santa. Leg warmers can be used in a way to add a little color and life into a very plain outfit. They are also perfect for giving new interest into old clothes, as a pair of leg warmers can really change the appearance of a pair of trousers. There are a few different ways that leg warmers can be worn, and each way gives a different effect to the outfit.

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How to Wear Your Leg Warmers

  • They can be stretched out to cover the whole of the lower leg.
  • They can be pulled up over the knee, which is especially popular with shorts or skirts, as they can act like a thick pair of tights.
  • With trousers, they are often scrunched up over the top of the shoe, ankle, and lower leg area. This is more often than not the most popular method of wearing leg warmers for women, and is how most people would choose to use them.
  • Some fashions use the leg warmers to break up the long leg space, and have them scrunched up over the knee area. This is also a popular way to wear them for women who suffer from sore knees in the cold weather. They are very often worn in this manner at sporting events, where spectators are sat out in the cold for long periods of time.

be a lady in 80's with this classic leg warmers

Whichever way you want to wear these leg warmers for women is up to you. These leg warmers are a great way to feel comfortable especially on a cold season. Take a risk and create a trend by trying out different designs and colors.