Are you looking for a pair of gorgeous Mary Jane heels? As you might have already guessed, Mary Jane shoes typically refer to a specific kind of shoe patterned after a style that children wore in the past. Nowadays Mary Jane high heels come in all different types of styles, colors and heel heights.

Shopping and Wearing Tips

Just like in other footwear one uses, the type of Mary Jane shoes that you wear is just as important as how you go about shopping for them. To choose the best pair, one of the first things you want to do is to get your feet sized. This way you know the size you wear exactly. Most shoe departments have ways to easily determine your foot size and help you to find the shoe size you need.

best Mary Jane Heels

Let’s assume you are looking for a pair of black Mary Jane heels. It’s important to recognize the fact that your shoe size may be different in other brands of shoes. It’s really based on the way the shoe is made. The cut which could be a size 7.5 in Mary Jane heels and an 8 in another brand. Shoe sizes also differ per country thus giving more importance to actual shopping.

If possible, try shoes on during the last hours of the day because your feet do change sizes some through out the day. You may find that towards the evening hours your feet seem to swell. After you walk around for a few minutes, you’ll get a true idea of your actual size.

best mary jane high heels review

Because you may have your heart set on a sexy pair of red Mary Jane heels, it is equally important that you know that not all high heel shoes are created equal. There are enormous differences in build quality from brand to brand. Before investing in your next pair of heels, learn to spot quality Mary Jane heels.

Why Mary Jane Heels Stand Out from the Crowd

Classic Mary Jane’s that were made for children are commonly made up of leather or black patent leather. They are fitted with:

  • A strap fastened with a button or buckle

  • A broad, rounded toe-box

  • Low heels

  • Thin out-soles

In other words, what truly makes a shoe a Mary Jane shoe is the strap the crosses the middle on top of the foot.

black mary jane heels review

Sometimes there will be more than one strap that fits perfectly across the top of the foot. The Mary Jane high heel shoe you find in the market place today will typically have a short, rounded toe-box and heels that can be as high as 4 1/4 inches or higher.

Pretty pumps can be vintage or contemporary, beautifully adorned with sleek patent overlays that will pair nicely with whatever outfit you choose. Below are some of the popular types of heels you’ll find in true Mary Jane fashion.

stunning red mary jane heels

  • Mary Jane chunky high heels (fun, flirty, funky)

  • Mary Jane wedge heel (casual, cosmopolitan style)

  • Mary Jane open toe heel (modern look for parties and formal occasions)

  • Mary Jane pumps (versatile, stylish and trendy)

  • Mary Jane pointed toe heels (glamorous and fashionable)

Mary Jane heels are a timeless, classic shoe that may never go out of style. Women love and adore them and thanks to creative, innovative new styles, you can find the perfect pair of heels to wear with any outfit. Pair a cute wedge heel with your favorite pair of jeans or step out in style in a classic Mary Jane open toe heel during your next office party. Can you imagine anything better? Grab a pair today and see for yourself.