The La Mer watches were created because of the need of its designer and company founder Martine Ilana for a simple yet stylish and feminine watch to wear. When she did not find anything from the jewelry she owned, Martine decided to make one for her, and that was how the La Mer watches collections were born.

Stylish La Mer collection watches

La Mer Watches

The La Mer collection watches are designed based on the inspiration Martine gets from her many travels. The collection may be inspired from her visit to South Africa’s colorful markets or to Thailand’s pristine blue ocean. The watches under the La Mer collection are designed by Martine herself. These beautiful designs are paired with exquisite leather straps.

Here are some samples of the La Mer Watches:

  • The La Mer Chain/Charm Wraps

This La Mer wrap watches are part of the collection that integrated leather straps with the dainty chains. There are several designs under this collection. Some are Brazilian inspired while some are inspired by the exotic beauty of Tokyo. There are also designs under this collection that are inspired by places close to home like the Arizona inspired Tobacco Multi-chained wrap.

Latest La Mer wrap watches

  • Bali Stud And Stud Wraps

This La Mer watches collection is inspired from Martine’s travels to Bali. There are 16 watches under this collection. The straps vary from the simple black strap with studs to snake skin with silver stud. The watches under this collection are handmade which is why the La Mer watches under this collection vary.

  • Layer Wraps

There are 16 designs under the La Mer watches collection. The designs vary from the subdued caramel and tan layered strap to the more vibrant tangerine and neon orange wrap. These watches are all nickel free and are all handmade so no two watches are exactly alike.

Fabulous La Mer watches

  • Simple Wrap

Not all La Mer watches have intricate designs. There are also some watches that have simple leather straps. There are designs that have plain black leather straps and there are also designs that have simple yet shocking neon pink straps. These watches are also handmade so no two watches are exactly alike.

  • Odyssey Wrap

These La Mer watches have hexagonal watch faces. Some of the watches are silver plated and the others are gold plated. The watches under this collection are splash proof and contain Japanese movement. These watches are also handmade.

Choosing A La Mer Watch

Affordable La Mer watches on sale

There are quite a number of designs under the La Mer watch collection. To choose which one to buy, go for the one that will match most of your outfit. It would be wise to buy a classic watch because you can pair it with several outfits. However, do not be afraid to wear the colorful and vibrant La Mer watches.

There are several places where you can go to buy La Mer watches. You can go online and you will find a good number of online store selling La Mer watches. If you are patient you may even chance upon La Mer watches on sale online. La Mer watches are also available in any watch store.