The Cabrio washer line offers state-of-the-art cleaning technology, multiple cycle settings and outstanding energy efficiency. With their sleek designs and clear top-loading doors, they provide a stylish and striking appearance for any laundry room. With inner tubs ranging from three cubic-feet to a massive 4.6 cubic-feet, you can wash everything from delicates to king-size down comforters with ease and efficiency.

Whirlpool 4.8 CuFt Cabrio Top Load Washer

The technology used in these washers is certainly not the same things used in your grandmother’s best washing machine. Features include:

  • Auto-lifting lids
  • Cycle-Logic Intelligence
  • H2Low water systems
  • Automatic load size sensing
  • High speed 1,100 RPM spin cycle
  • Soundproofed inner parts
  • Precision detergent dispensing
  • Energy STAR ratings at the top of their class


With a Cabrio washer, you can always expect clean laundry with less time and effort. However, these features also mean the list of Cabrio washer parts is not traditional either. This can lead to higher repair bills if failure occurs. However, most Cabrio washer reviews show the line to be very dependable when used as directed.

All About Cabrio Washer

Tips for getting the most from your Cabrio washer include:

  • Always use a high-efficiency, low-foam detergent. With the reduced water levels, accurate dispensing and precision cycles these machines offer, they can get clothing and soiled objects cleaner with less detergent. Traditional detergents might not rinse as cleanly from fabrics.
  • Choose your cycle based on material and object type. The Cabrio washer can offer up to 20 different cycles to account for specific objects or materials. Use these to your advantage for optimal cleaning. For example, the towel cycle is mostly suited to large objects made of cotton.
  • Load clothing into the washer one item at a time in a balanced arrangement. The high-speed spin cycles in these washers make them more susceptible to unbalanced loads. This can lead to costly damage to the washer. Loading articles into the washer one at a time allows you to have greater control over the balance of the inner tub.
  • Put small objects or objects with forming inserts in a washing bag. The high-efficiency way in which the Cabrio washer cleans clothes can result in twisting and tangling of small objects. For articles such as hosiery, lingerie, under-wire bras or small socks and underwear, using a mesh bag can prevent tangling and distortion.


Whirlpool Cabrio HE Washer & Dryer

Prices across the Cabrio washer line vary. From basic models to the extravagant Cabrio Vantage, you can always expect exceptional performance and stunning design. For a complete look, many retailers offer Cabrio washer dryer combinations. These can create a cohesive and stunning look for your home. You may also check out top load washers online.

4.6 cu. ft. Cabrio  Platinum Top Load Washer with Clean Care cycle

Cabrio washer reviews are available from a number of popular online retailers and review magazines. When looking for reviews for the model you wish to purchase, keep in mind the above-mentioned tips. While these washers can provide outstanding performance and savings, they operate differently than a traditional washer. This can present frustration for many users or owners until they adjust their clothes washing habits.