A Bumbo chair is a seat used to help children of ages 3 to 14 months seat upright. This helps in teaching your child on how to support themselves sitting up on their own. But the purpose of the Bumbo Chair goes beyond that, especially that other functions and other variations have been introduced to the market.

Questions have risen about its safety and the best way to assure you is to be well informed. One of the first things you should need to know about the baby chair Bumbo is that it is made of molded foam. This foam is of varying colors. It is circular in shape, has a hollow center where the child is seated and hollow spaces for the legs in front.

relaxing baby sitting at bumbo chair

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Bumbo Chair

As good as a Bumbo baby chair can be, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that every parent needs to consider while purchasing and using one.

  • A Bumbo chair is convenient to train your child how to seat upright and support himself/herself on her own.
  • Can be fitted with a play tray, a Bumbo chair with tray is safer and allows your child a place to play on.
  • It is easily movable as it is made of lightweight material; low density foam is soft and comfortable enough for your baby; light for portability and generally harmless. This chair has been tested enough to ensure no chemicals are present to cause any health risks.
  • Durability is another advantage of a Bumbo seat. They last long enough that you can use one for all your babies.
  • It is easy to clean thus maintaining a high level of hygiene is not difficult. A Bumbo seat is made of water resistant surface making it easy to clean and less likely to get permanent stains.
  • One disadvantage of using a Bumbo chair is that you cannot just place it anywhere as ground levels are highly advised and should be flat. Failure to do this might result in putting your child in danger of falling from a Bumbo chair. There also needs to be an attendant to keep an eye on your baby.

color variations on bumbo chair

A Bumbo chair has other disadvantages with one being the fact that it lacks enough support at the back. A lot of parents also complain of that the chairs are a little overpriced.  Whether you choose to get one of these chairs or not, it will always be about what is best for your baby.