Each and every one of us likes to have as many shoes as possible. This is because only then will you be able to keep shoes for different occasions.Good shoes are always reliable and ready for use but sometimes the weather and the occasion demands that only a certain type of shoe is suitable. In order to ensure you are not out of place in any occasion, it is only wise to wear the kind of shoe that goes with that occasion. For example, during summertime, and when one is on the beaches, slip on shoes is not the best to wear as compared to other types because it ends up looking way too formal.

Popular Brands For Men’s Slip Ons

Mens slip on shoes come in different varieties and tastes. Slip on shoes are the best formal wear for men and there are some very prominent brands. These include:

comfy mens slip on shoes

  • Allen-Edmonds

    They provide a variety of
    shoes for different occasions and slip on shoes are among these. The shoes are of good quality and very durable. The shoes are beautiful with embossed leather and a soft calf that does not pressure the foot too much. They are especially good for the office because it is easy to slip them off when seated at the desk. There are also suede shoes and the leather differs as some have distressed leather, others tan and so on.

  • Bruno Magli

    These shoes are unique and very classy. Made of calf skin and nappa, they come in different shapes and types. These are the best shoes for the office and they also provide different shoes for different occasions including sports shoes. These wonderfully made shoes are very outstanding in that they have a distinctive shape and model. A pair of these shoes could cost you from $ 400 but it’s worth it.

different shoes for different occasions

  • Clarks

    Clarks have the best assortment of shoes to choose from including the Deane and the Drebin shoes. They are comfortable with a great design that looks raised at the top and so sticks better to the foot even if it is slip on. They have materials such as leather, nubuck, suede and many more and the shoes are just the best quality. Their designs are also very unique and outstanding and everyone will find them very beautiful. They have a good collection of shoes for different occasions and their range of colors is interesting rather than the usual black and brown.

  • Crocs

    Crocs have the most interesting collection of men’s designer slip on shoes because they have different materials and colors that are bold and beautiful. Not only do they have the best men’s slip on shoes for office wear, but they also have a collection for informal wear. The shoes are very well designed and they come in all sorts of colors and designs. The canvas shoes are perfect for the semi-formal settings and they look unique. They also have different shoes for different occasions including the beach. Their unisex collection made of PCCR material is good for the beaches every time. This collection is just brilliant.