Application of lipstick is a fashion that never fades. There are women who use them on a daily basis and there are those who do it occasionally. When using lipstick shades, it is important to first know which shade will suit your skin tone well. Also, keep in mind your outfit when choosing for lipstick shades. Make sure your chosen shade will not crash with the color of your clothes. Lipstick shades come in different colors such as red, orange, pink and even brown.

How to Pick the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

Guidelines in Choosing Lipstick Shades

An orange lipstick shade is usually worn on specific occasions such as Halloween, birthday parties, and also casual dinners. The reason as to why you do not want to wear an orange lipstick shade in a formal dinner is because the color is too loud and not very appropriate when on a business meeting or when dining with a client. Mostly, dresses worn for this occasion are of a classic style. It is important to have a presentable look and therefore you should go for a lighter or subtler lipstick shades. Perhaps you are wondering what clothes to wear when you are donning an orange lipstick shade. Here below are some clothes that would go well with this shade:

  • Bohemian Style Outfit
  • Black and White Ensemble
  • Any Casual and Cool Get-up


It might prove to be a hard task while trying to find the best lipstick shades. This is because for women, all of them are attractive. While choosing a lipstick, it is important to know which one would do well with you. Below are simple ways in which you follow to know whether a lipstick shade is good on you or not:

  • Check first the ingredients used in making the lipstick to avoid any allergic reactions.
  • Get a lipstick that has a shade that is darker than your natural lips.
  • Test it by applying it to one of your lip. If it is darker than your natural lips shade, then you are good to purchase it.

Best Cover Girl Lipstick Shades

An undertone helps you while choosing a good color for your lips. Best lipstick shades for fair skin is pink and light corals. Medium skin tone will be good to go with darker shades such as roses, mauves and also berries. Dark skins can go with deep plum, chocolate and red.  Some of the best Cover Girl lipstick shades are Bronzed Peach, Rose Quartz and Adobe Sand to name a few.

Once you have the right lipstick shade that matches with your skin tone, you can then go ahead and apply it as you will be sure that you will look great in it.