Fireplace tile is a specialty tile that cannot be normally found at home stores. What you have to do for this is work a little harder and look up online and other places that would make tile for fireplaces Fireplace tile by Olympia might be one place to look. This tile is different than just plain tile as it can withstand more heat than normal tile would.

Installing Fireplace Tile For Less
It also has to be set with a thinset mortar. The back where the tile will go on is made of concrete or brick. This you will need to dampen to get dust off of and get it ready to set the thinset mortar onto. Then you would dampen the back of the tile to get any dust off of this and place it on the spot that you want the tile at. The wetted back of the tile plus a dampened brick allows the thinset to harden well enough so that the tiles will not pop off.

Best Glass Fireplace Tile Idea
There are hundreds of specialty tile makers that you have to look for them and get prices for tiles for your fireplace. Sometimes you may find ideas for your fireplace tile that it might become hard to choose. I even saw a combo fireplace a picture above the fireplace on the wall all made of tile. That was beautiful. I never thought of this, but it certainly got my head whirring with ideas.

You can even have some of the tiles custom made or get custom colors for tile at the smaller specialty tile shops. You need to see what they can provide and figure your budget out. Then you can come in again with your budget and work out the pricing with them.

Elegant Fireplace Tile Designs
There are many fireplace tile ideas. I have seen a few ideas. Sometimes they use slate, or a small tile for the fireplace surround. What I saw for tiles was a Dutch tile. This is a Delft blue tile with pictures or sayings with spacer blank tiles or decorated spacers with a minimal blue decoration.

Discover Fireplace Tile Design Ideas
You can lay a few tiles on the ground in front of the fireplace as well as the fireplace surround. The tile on the floor is good for errant sparks. Then the sparks won’t start fires in places you don’t want the fire located. Then the errant sparks just die on the tile on the floor. You may opt for cheap tiles for less online.