If you are keen on learning chess, it is never too late to learn how to play chess. Full of tactics and strategies, the world’s most popular game helps you to develop logical thinking. A game for people of all ages; it not only promotes creativity and imagination, but also encourages you to be inventive.

Basics of Chess

Chess is very interesting and a lot of fun. Learning how to play chess is simple and easy. It is a game played between two players. Each player has one king and queen, two rooks, bishops, and knights and eight pawns, summing up to a total of 16 pieces.

chess basic tactic

The main aim of the player in the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king.

i. Opening a Game

At the start of the game, the square board of 64 boxes with alternate colors is laid out in a way that each player has white squares at the right hand side of the bottom. Then the 16 pieces are arranged on the board.

  • The second row comprises of the pawns while the first row is occupied by the higher ranks.
  • The rooks are placed at the corners.
  • Next comes the knights and then the bishops.
  • The queen is then placed next to the bishop.
  • The most peculiar thing about queen in the game of chess is that she is placed on her own color i.e. The white queen is placed on white square and the black queen on black.
  • The last one square left is finally occupied by the supreme – king.

ii. Moves

While learning how to play chess, it is very important to know about the moves of each piece. The movement of all the six different pieces are different from each other.

1) The supreme “King: Upside, downside, diagonally and even on the sides , the king can move in any direction but not more than one square. Although the king is considered as the most important piece it is yet the weakest piece in the game.

2) The powerful “Queen: Backward, forward, diagonally and even on the sideways, the queen has the ability to move as far as possible in any straight direction.

3) The guards “Rooks: Placed at the corners of the board, the rooks can move as far as it can in any straight direction – be it forward, backward and even on the sides.

4) The protectors “Bishops: They can move diagonally only on the color in which they are placed. Bishop can move as far as they want but they are restricted to their colors. There will be one bishop on white square and one on black for each player.

5) The versatile “Knights: Moving at 90 degree angle in a shape of the alphabet “L“, they have the ability to jump over other pieces.

6) The soldiers “Pawns: They move forward but can only capture diagonally. During the game they can only move one step forward however during their first move they can move two steps forward.

principle of chess game opening

Advantages and Benefits of Playing Chess

While learning how to play chess, you ignite some benefits, such as:

  • Inspires self motivation
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps you to stay focused

If you are looking forward to make your kids learn how to play chess, Harry Potter chess set will surely accentuate the learning process. It will not only motivate them but will fill them with immense fun while they try to become powerful and expert in the game.