With the cost of living rising each and every day, people are searching for means of saving. This is the reason as to why people are changing to CFL bulb from incandescent bulbs. A CFL light bulb produces same light as incandescent bulbs while using less energy. This is more convenient since it cuts off the amount that you will be spending on power bills.

A History

CFL stands for compact fluorescent light. CFL bulbs were first invented by Edward Hammer in the year 1976. They came about when there was oil crisis in 1973. This design has eventually been imitated by many like China having managed to design spiral lamps in 1995. These spiral lamps include gu24 CFL bulb which is the most popular. It is small and fits in most applications. Gu24 bulb is known to be most ecofriendly bulbs. In 1980, Phillips came up with their model SL. Due to the efficiency of these bulbs, more and more companies and individuals are creating and purchasing them; hence, leading to increased sales volume.

energy efficient commercialized dc cfl light bulb

Advantages of CFL Bulbs

Using CFL bulbs provide you several advantages. Here are some of them.

  • CFL bulbs use low voltage than normal incandescent bulbs. This leads to a large amount of energy saved that can be used for future purpose and other applications.
  • When energy is saved, cost is reduced. With this type of bulb, you do not have to worry every now and then about the amount you will pay. You are assured that the overall electric bill will reduce drastically.
  • CFL bulbs can be used both indoor and outdoor, especially if the fixture has been enclosed.

How to Dispose CFL Bulb

It is essential to have an idea on CFL bulb disposal. Below are ways on how you can dispose them without environmental destruction.

  • Dispose the bulb in your garbage. Find out whether the people who collect the garbage do recycling of CFL or not. If not, this will be the proper time to suggest that they do so.
  • You can also dispose CFL bulbs in municipal trash disposing sites. Municipalities have a responsibility of providing their residents waste disposal areas. Call to find out if there is an excluded place to dispose your CFL bulb and other similar items.
  • There are retailers who take any spoiled CFL bulb back. Inquire where you bought your CFL bulb if they have such services or not. For convenience purpose, you can suggest this to retailers selling to you.
  • In Canada and United States, EARTH 911 is best known for recycling and clearing programs. Visit their website to get detailed information.
  • There are also commercial services that offer disposals by mails.  Some will send you plastic bags with postage paid that you can put in your waste CFL bulbs.

plumen baby innovative compact fluorescent bulb CFL

Don’t hesitate now to change your lightings. Always avail of cheap and energy efficient but quality lightings like CFL bulbs.