How much do you know about the Discount Trophy Company? Did you know that Discount Trophy has been around since 1977? Also, in 2004 the parent company Marco Awards Group was formed which solidified them as the leading trophy manufacturer in the entire world. During the time since Marco Awards Group was formed there have been many strides in the company. One of the biggest was the online catalogs that they offer. Below are some of the most popular catalogs as well as the most used Discount Trophy catalog.

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Popular Discount Trophy Catalogs

  • The Big Book

As you probably already guess, this is a really big book. This is hundreds of pages of quality trophies that you can get. If you are not sure what kind of trophy you want then just choose The Big Book and it will show you everything Discount Trophy has to offer.

  • The Magic Of Crystal

Are you looking at getting crystal looking trophies? If so, then The Magic Of Crystal is the book that you need. This book will give you all the different trophies that Discount Trophy has in crystal, so you will be sure not to miss one.

on sale acrylic corporate trophy

  • Acrylic Masters Catalog

Similar to the crystal catalog, this one will show you all the acrylic trophies that they have. Acrylic is the see-through looking material which many people think is glass. If you are looking for something similar to this, then the Acrylic Masters Catalog is the one you want.

These are just three of the most popular catalogs from Discount Trophy but there are more and they come out with new ones all the time. If you are looking to buy cheap trophies, then you must turn to Discount Trophy for all your needs. They will make sure you get the trophies that you want as well as the price that you need.

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How To Get Discounts On Trophies

  • Shop Online

One way to save money and get the best trophy is to shop online. The benefit of doing this is that you will be able to get a lower price as well as still buy the trophies that you need. When you buy from a catalog you might not get the best deal, however, you usually are shown all the different options that you have.

  • Order In Bulk

Another great way to save money is to buy trophies in bulk. By doing this you will save a lot of money since each additional trophy that you buy will be marked down. This is why many sporting leagues will buy trophies for the league as opposed to individual teams buying the trophies for themselves.

discounted sports trophy

If you want to get the best deals, then you need to follow the advice that was given above. The problem that many people have is they don’t know the right way to get discounts on trophies. No, you should not buy trophies overseas as you don’t know how they will turn out and when they will get to you. Just do yourself a huge favor and make sure you buy from Discount Trophy in order to get the best deal possible.