If you happen to be looking for a new pair of flip flops then you have quite a challenging task ahead of you. Teva flip flops are one brand that you should strongly consider out of the numerous other flip flop companies out there. Although Teva flip flops are not the cheapest you can buy, what you are getting for the price is supreme comfort and flip flops that will last you a long time.
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What else is going to make you choose a pair of flip flops from Teva as opposed to some other brand? One of the things which are pleasing is that they have arch support. The way this work is that there is extra padding in the middle section of the flip flop and when someone is in the motion of walking, this extra padding supports the arches which inevitably leave your feet feeling less painful.

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This is a great feature of Teva flip flops because often after even short walks in flip flops you will sit down and your feet will be very painful indeed. This is mostly due to poor support for your feet and the fact that your toes constantly have to dig into the sole in order to keep the flip flop in contact with your foot. This is something we all do subconsciously but it can be huge problem for some people who get to a point where they can’t actually wear flip flops anymore because of the intense pain.

If you are after Teva flip flops women then have a look at the Teva Women’s Mush II flip flop series. They are a much better option than $5 flip flops from Walmart because they have extra padding and support for you feet. They also have a non-slip sole and comfortable inserts that won’t chafe the delicate skin between your toes.

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There are also similarly equipped Teva flip flops for men which come in a huge range of colors and styles. All major shopping sites have a wide range of these Teva flip flops on sale and prices vary around $15 to $25, depending on the size of flip flop that you require. The choice of kids Teva flip flops is equally impressive and as you would expect. The colors available here are much more colorful and vibrant. They have thick, soft straps which are kind to the delicate skin on your children’s feet.

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It is clear that Teva flip flops were created with the consumer in mind. Not only do they provide a comfortable fit, but they also provide support for your feet which is very important to keep in mind as you get older. There is no doubt that you will find something you like in their huge range of contemporary styles for men, women and children and the price is somewhat affordable also for what you get.