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Tetherball Rules for Players | Content Injection

Tetherball is a really unique game that can be played by two players. Originated from North America, it is a game where two players will fight on who will be able to wind the ball all the way around a metal pole first. Before you can play an enjoyable game of tetherball, make sure you have got all the equipment needed and you know the tetherball rules.

The Equipment

  • Stationary Pole
  • Ball
  • Rope

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The ball will be tied to the top of the pole, which is put in an upright position. To prevent cheating, the players must know about the tetherball rules. This is to make sure that the game will be unbiased and enjoyable for both players and also the spectators.

Tetherball Rules:

Rules of tetherball are not that hard to understand. This is why the game is playable by kids who are still young. However, there are official tetherball rule books that you can buy in bookstores if you really want to make sure that the rules you followed are correct.  The most common rule being implemented in tetherball games is that once a player serves, the other player can hit the ball immediately. This is actually a wrong rule because possession is the key to winning a tetherball game. However, it is forgiven in tetherball rules for kids. The official tetherball rules in the other hand said that once a player serves, both the server and the other player must wait for the ball to wrap the pole four times before the ball can be hit again by either player.

tetherball rules


To win a game of tetherball, you must wrap the ball all the way around the pole up to the point where there is no more rope left to wrap around. Once this has happened, the winning player is ahead one game to zero games. It is up to the players to decide how many games one must win in order to be the overall winner. With this in mind, a tetherball game can last as long as you want, as long as you’re keeping score. A tetherball match must be won by at least two games to one. This is so that the order of serves doesn’t play a factor in who wins due to the advantage of the receiver. A very common format of tetherball matches is to play until the first player wins seven games by a margin of two. That player will win the overall match.


Players must take it in turns to serve during each new game. The server throws the ball up in the air and hits it into the direction of the receiver. Once the ball has been served, the server can’t then hit the ball again until either the opponent touches the ball, or the ball has wrapped around the pole a minimum of four times. Once either of these two conditions has been met, both of the players can then hit the ball at any time when it is on their side.


Players are not allowed to touch either the rope or the pole at any point during a game. Crossing a line onto what is considered the opponent’s side is considered to be classed as “offside”. Throwing the ball is against the tetherball rules, and any strikes must bounce off the player’s hands or forearms. The ball should always be in motion and never pause or be “carried” by either of the players. Touching the ball with anything other than the forearms or the hands is against the tetherball rules. Players must only hit the ball once per each wrap around the pole. That is unless the ball touches the other player, or the pole itself.

The Penalties

Tetherball rules are also important to distinguish penalties and violations. Every intentional violation in a tetherball game will result in the loss of the player who did the infringement. These will be judged by the referee. Unintentional violations, on the other hand, will result in the game being stopped and the ball will be returned to the state before the violation occurred. This is usually not being implemented in tetherball rules for kids. However, if a player commits the unintentional violations three times consecutively, his or her opponent will win the game automatically.

In a nutshell, playing tetherball will be more entertaining when you know the tetherball rules. If you are planning to buy a tetherball set for your children to play, you can at least inform them about the tetherball rules first. This is to prevent your children from scratching each other because they did not follow the rules. Once again, teaching them the rules of tetherball will be easy as they are not as complicated as other major sports like basketball and soccer.

Tetherball Rules: Conclusion

We hope that this article has given you some great insight into the game of tetherball, as well as the tetherball rules. Have you ever played tetherball before? Do you have any stories about a tether ball match that you’ve played before? We would love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comments section below this article.