Company Background and History

Telescope casual furniture is now a household name when it comes to high quality furniture. They produce exclusive and well designed garden furniture, patio furniture, outdoor tables and other garden accessories. However, the company has not always been in the business of making high quality elitist consumer furniture.

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  • It started out over 100 years ago, producing highly robust military equipment. This involved heavy duty frames and equipment made with strong steel welds.

  • Their most successful model was an army cot that was light and compact. It was easy for soldiers to carry supplies in and had telescopic legs. The telescopic legs model made by Telescope casual furniture was so successful in helping soldiers move goods that the company received a medal.

  • This is where the brand got their name, Telescope, from.

Since then the company has moved onto building products more focused on the consumer market. Taking care of regular people’s comfort rather than the military’s mobility needs. With each piece of Telescope casual furniture there is pride and years of expertise that go into the design and manufacturing process. It is a company with a rich history and not just new ideas.

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Products of Telescope Casual Furniture

So what exactly do Telescope casual furniture produce?

  • They are designers and manufacturers of high quality outdoor furniture and accessories.

  • They have one thing in mind, quality – this is what makes their telescope casual patio furniture so unique.

  • They design it with the customer in mind.

  • Telescope follows the business philosophy that taking care of the customers first will take care of their bottom line next. This is why there is such a loyal following of the Telescope casual furniture line.

Season after season, the Telescope team involves itself with their customers to deliver new and exciting patio furniture. It is built to last and is made with precision and care that only the best quality materials are put into the building process.

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Services Offered by Telescope Casual Furniture

Telescope casual furniture is so confident in their quality that they offer a 15 year warranty on their products. This means that there is always Telescope casual furniture replacement parts and Telescope casual furniture parts available. If the unlikely happens and anything should go wrong then there is always a fix awaiting you. So customers know that they are making a sound investment, as one purchase is like 15 year purchase for a single investment.

Types of Telescope Casual Furniture

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  • Patio furniture

  • Benches

  • Chairs

  • Tables

  • Ottomans

The brand is closely protected and only certain dealers are allowed to stock their goods. This is because Telescope casual furniture goods hold a hallmark of quality and this needs to be upheld. If cheap or dishonest dealers are selling Telescope casual furniture then the trust in the brand could be lost. This is not the aim of the company as they want to ensure customers know that their products are high quality and exclusive. So customers also know that the dealer they are buying from has been inspected and improved by Telescope casual furniture. This reflects as a good sign for the dealer, as well as the furniture.