Discovering the Best Modern Suit Styles

Looking good is not an option for most people due to the lifestyles and daily working environments that most of us are faced with. One of the sure ways of ensuring that you look stunning and smart for various occasions is by purchasing one of the modern suit styles available in all fashion stores all over the globe. Here are some of the top modern suits styles that you can use to gloom yourself even better.

timeless nathan bogle suit jacket

Single Breasted Suits

This modern suit styles are available in two broad categories namely;

  • Sleek cut suit which has a medium to slim sized V-shaped shawl or lapel. It also has an upper button that should always be buttoned around the navel. One can also use the breast pocket to carry accessories but this may compromise the look unless advised otherwise by a professional stylist.
  • The confidence cut modern suit styles is another option under this category. This is very similar to the sleek cut to but vary due to its peaked lapels and ability to reveal more male physique.

Double Breast Suits

This style is very popular among Italian suit designers due to its unique ability to show off more skin. Its V-Shape is perfect for someone with a well worked body but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are restrictions on who can wear it. As you select a double breast suit be sure to ensure that the breast pocket is enough to fit a pocket handkerchief. The lapels should be well peaked and longer up to the waist line so as to enhance your height.

Three Piece Suit

This is one of the modern suit styles that have made a major come back to most people’s wardrobes. The waistcoat need to be cohesive enough and matching with other fabrics used to make the other two suit pieces. The V-shape on quality waistcoats should break between the rib cage base and the sternum. Note that no matter the kind of modern Zegna suits styles that you choose to wear, ensure that they match with the occasion and your body size so as to avoid looking out of place or too conspicuous.

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Sack Suit Cut Style

Unlike most of the men modern suit styles that seem to enhance give men a more masculine look, sack suit cut which is also referred to as neo-sack suit has a much slimmer waist and rolled shoulders. This modern suit style is perfect for virtually all people but this fact relies heavily on one’s personal taste and preferences.

Other important considerations that need to be factored in the selection process include material and price. Ensure that the material used for example wool is off high quality so as to get value for the money. Suits made from high quality materials are more durable as compared to the low quality suits that usually lose their shape and style within a short span of time.

Quality suits may be more expensive but considering the long term benefits this is just a small price to pay hence price factor should not be considered solely. Incorporating modern suits styles in your wardrobe is the best way to look good and perfect as you attend various events.

Best Formal Wear For Men

Who said that men don’t care much enough on their looks compared to women? Men nowadays are as conscious as women when it comes to hairstyles, shoes and clothes. During special occasions and big events, men also hanker after standing out among the crowd. The best formal wear for men comes in a wide array of style and color. Most men had always been conscious on their image that they don’t really show their interest on fashion but the truth is they really do care about it.

Most men own a formal wear in their closet and a tuxedo is surely something men have possession of. Tuxedos, although not trendy, but had been worn by men for how many decades already and can be considered as one of the best formal wear for men. A tuxedo’s satin trimmings make it different compared to a suit. However, suits are simpler than tuxedos and its simplicity makes it more elegant and sophisticated. Zegna suits reputation in producing fine and best quality suits in fashion industry makes them the preferred choice by most men nowadays. Best formal wear for men comes in different types, and for sure, these types of formal wear will stand out during that big event coming his way.

mens ideal formal wear zegna wardrobe

Tips and List of the Best Formal Wear for Men:

  • The White Diner Jacket– although it is called white, it’s actually an ivory colored jacket. White diner jacket paired with tux pants looks more chic and elegant. But be careful, choose a white diner jacket that is clean. It means no flaps, no breast pocket, one covered button and will definitely look great on men. You can try a white shirt, midnight blue trousers and a black grosgrain bowtie and your white diner jacket on, it will definitely look good on you specially if worn during winter.
  • The Midnight Shawl Tuxedo– black tie events are once in a lifetime event when men look at their best. And normally, everyone wears a black tuxedo. The midnight shawl tuxedo is a fine way to stand out from the rest and is actually the best option because midnight blue looks richer and darker if hit by the evening light.
  • Accessories should contrast and vary depending if you are wearing a tuxedo or a suit. Vest, pocket squares, bow ties and cummerbunds are mostly made in satin and are worn with a tuxedo, but will not work in suits.
  • Shoe is one of the most important things to consider that will finish the best formalwear for men. Matte finish and a more subtle type of shoes are best for suits and formal shoes made in patent leather are for tuxedos.

formal fashion for him

The best formalwear for men depends on the confidence of the wearer. Confidence is what finishes your ensemble. As a man, your idea of fashion is always different from some else’s scheme although all people vary, but your confidence will boost and heighten your style. It doesn’t mean that men dressing fashionably means being less masculine, or is just a waste of money and time because there is nothing that can beat the idea that looking good will make you feel better as well and that feeling is priceless when people turn their head on you while you walk pass them.

Comprehensive Guide In Wearing Double Breasted Suit

The double breasted suit is a timeless and classic piece that has continuously evolved with time. This piece can be dated back to the 1980s when it was the power suit of the time. Modern designs of this suit are a bit more complex as compared to the original designs. While in the past the double breasted suits were designed to be in loose fitting, today mens double breasted suit has a slim tailored silhouette, and their trousers have a slim cut with no plaits whatsoever, and a plain hem with no cuffs.

Distinct Feature for a Stylish Look

When it comes to the double breasted suit jacket, it stands out from all other kinds of suit jackets with its very light padding, accompanied with a high button stance. The first closable button on the jacket of a double breasted suit is roughly one and a half inches above the level of the belly button. This feature on this kind of suit jacket is quite distinctive thus making this suit stylish.

classic double- breasted dinner jacket

How To Wear Them Properly

As much as the double breasted suits are an outfit to brag about, it is very important that they are worn in the right way for that elegant and fine look. The following are some tips on how to wear a black double breasted suit:

  • Ensure that the suit you go for is your size. Too big or too small ruins the executive look this suit is supposed to give you.
  • It is advisable that you button up the suit jacket as doing this makes one look as formal as they come.
  • Go for this suit in flexible fabrics as well as colour.
  • Match this suit with a dark colored tie.

Executive Look Anytime

With double breasted suits, it s always advisable that one goes for a dark color and what defines dark more than black? A black double breasted suit is the epitome of elegance and style. As much as it has a slimming effect especially when buttoned up, this suit is appropriate for all body types as well as all skin tones. A double breasted suit is more of an official kind of suit as compared to the single breasted ones. For this reason, these suits are commonly worn to the following places:

  • business meetings
  • burials
  • work
  • weddings
  • Cocktail events and luncheons

Top Selling Designer Suit

Ermenigilldo Zegna, a popular fashion house in Italy is responsible for the manufacturing of the Zegna suits, a premier kind of suits made of the highest quality materials made into different styles and designs. This company also came up with its own unique design of the double breasted suit, and were the top sellers for some time in the whole of the United States.

undying double- breasted mens suit

Double breasted suits are bound to remain to be the timeless pieces and every man should strive to own a pair of this suit.

Mens Suits for Different Occasion

A man’s wardrobe is definitely incomplete without at least one suit. No matter a man’s occupation or dressing code, it is very vital that they have a suit as they are the most formal wear a man can have. Mens suits are necessary for business meetings, weddings, burials and many other formal events and occasions. Wearing a suit portrays one as elegant and stylish.

prescribed formal occasion men suit idea

Materials Used

Wool is the most common material used in the making of suits for men but there are other materials that are used such as:

  • Rayon
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Linen

Apart from formal events, mens suits can also be worn as casual attire provided one goes for the appropriate design. Mens linen suits come in very handy as one of the suits that can be worn as a casual outfit. The linen suits for men are said to be comfortable. Apart from their comfort, these suits are also fashionable and accessible as well and they often come in bright colours like white and beige.

Types of Mens Suits

There are various mens suits in the market today. All these suits come in different designs, colors and patterns to match their specific purposes. Some of these suits include:

  • Dinner suits
  • Wedding suits
  • Vintage suits
  • Tuxedos
  • Business suits

Mens wedding suits need to be picked out in line with the theme and style of the particular wedding in question. Usually, they are made of a fusion of different kinds of rare fabrics, making them a bit more expensive than other suits. These suits are stylish and elegant.

decent mens occassion attire

An Investment Worth Making

Apart from the regular suits sold all over today, there are also mens designer suits. These suits are an investment worth making, despite their costs. This is because they are considered to be the epitome of style and sophistication in men. Having just two of these designer suits is good enough as one could match them with different shirts and ties for a different look each time they are worn. An example of an elegant design suit is the Zegna suits. These are premier, high quality and prestigious suits that are every man’s dream.

Mens suits ought to be stylish, no matter the occasion. Stylish here means a suit that is comfortable enough to enhance one’s confidence and at the same time match its wearer’s personality.

Zegna Suits for the Modern Man

As one of the largest family owned businesses in Italy and a leader in fashionable, distinctive men’s suits, the Ermenegildo Zegna group has been innovating, expanding and defining the global men’s suit market for over 100 years. As one of Italy’s largest and most reputable textile and fashion exporters, they have become synonymous with quality, style and cutting edge design. With showrooms around the world and a full line of ready to wear and custom fit suits, as well as eyewear, fragrances and accessories, experiencing everything that Zegna Suits have to offer is easy.

zgena suits prescribed attire

Popular designs and types of suits

Ermenegildo Zegna suits offers multiple designs throughout the year to ensure you are always looking your best at any event. From the runways of Milan to the corporate office, Zegna Suits exude confidence, sophistication and style. Seasonal offerings and classic designs combine to create a wide selection to fit any event. Popular designs and suit types include:

zegna trim fit wool suit

  • Zegna 712024: This features timeless pin stripe wool with a modern single breasted design. Two face buttons, a slim fit waist line and covered pockets make a sophisticated look that is full of confidence. The crisp blue coloring works well with a variety of colors and accents for easy pairing with cuff links, ties, belts or other items.
  • Z Zegna 844734: Composed of Prince of Wales wool and high-quality silk, this two-button model in black offers a clean, professional line with a slim and fitted look. Flap pockets and a welt pocket provide a crisp appearance with convenience while the flat panel pants offer a trim look. The 260-gram wool and silk used for the suit provides an all-weather suit that is perfect for a variety of environments and settings.
  • Zegna 822523: Composed of 250 gram, 100 percent Trofeo wool, this classic black suit is one of the most popular Zegna mens suits available. The charcoal color of the suit matches will with a variety of shoes, ties and accessories for a professional appearance while the tapered waist creates a trim look. Flat panel pants and a 20-centimeter jacket bottom create a crisp appearance that moves well and is perfect for the man on the go.

elegant- looking man in contemporary zegna suit

Big benefits from Zegna suits

One of the biggest benefits that Zegna Suits offers is its full line of accessories, eyewear and fragrances. Available either online or at one of their more than 500 retail providers, you can easily compose an entire look in one convenient location. Best of all, each suit is designed to work well with multiple accessory lines to provide a cohesive variety of options to complete your look. For an improved fit, consider adding custom tailoring to your suit.

modern man zegna collection suits

Whether you are looking for the latest fashion or searching for a good deal, Zegna suits has plenty of options. For maximum savings, finding a Zegna Suits sale between seasonal lines can offer substantial savings on both ready to wear and custom fit Zegna suits designs. Typical seasonal lines debut for Fall and Spring to provide numerous opportunities throughout the year to find a great deal.