Karate Belt Fashion

Karate belt fashion is not only important to keep the practitioners’ uniform in place, but also for someone to display their rank. Karate was originated in Okinawa, Japan as a martial arts form, which involves elbow strikes, punching, knee and open hand techniques such as kicking. As a result, the belt is an important part of the uniform as it holds it in place during all of those strenuous body movements.

karate belt level fashion

Why Colors Are Used In Karate Belt Fashion

The karate belts were dyed following the Second World War when the white belts evolved into different shades to represent the ranks. The standard coloring system for the belt is white, black and yellow. It was discovered that dying the karate belts in new colors was an inexpensive way to make the ranking system more effective and visible. Although the colors became an intrinsic part of the traditions of karate, they were also seen as stylish ways to wear belts in other countries.

Different Karate Belt Levels

The belt is the first accessory that someone’s eyes will be drawn to. But, the belt is not just worn for style, but also to show the progress that students make while studying their martial arts. Starting from low to the highest level, the organizations will award the color belt for each level. As a student progresses during training, he can earn:

  • White belt
  • Orange or Yellow belt
  • Blue belt
  • Green belt
  • Brown belt
  • Purple belt
  • Black belt

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Fashionable Way To Wear Karate Belt

  • A karate belt can be worn as a head band, as a stylish way to show off what you have achieved in this sport. These are available in one standard size, so you can wear it for regular training or competitions.
  • You can wear your belt as a waist band with high-waist pants, around a shift dress or over a pencil skirt. Another karate belt fashion idea is to use it to separate sweaters, tops, skirts, jeans, or trousers to get a look that is more refined.
  • When you are wearing day dresses, the belt can be worn to give more definition especially if it’s woven to look thicker. You can also add some decorative accessories like crystals, sequins, gemstones, rhinestones and metallic finishes to enhance a casual karate outfit.

Generally speaking, a karate belt is awarded in a ceremonial way to show someone’s progress during training. Those who have earned technical skills are given the belts in the lower rank, while the persons who are fully committed to martial arts will get the belt in the next higher rank. But, whether you have the yellow, orange, blue or red belt, you can use it as well to highlight your curves or to add a sharper look to your tailored jackets. The choices are endless when it comes to karate belt fashion.

Stylish Karate Belts

Are you looking for stylish karate belts to enhance your look during martial arts training? Since karate is one of the most recognized forms of martial arts and is usually included in movies and television shows, more people have increasingly become aware of it. As of such, these belts are now emerging as fashion accessories to enhance their outfit on and off their karate class. Read on to find out more about karate belts and the meaning of the different colors.


different karate stylish belt colors

Meaning Of Karate Belts Colors

·        White

Since this color signifies purity, it is given to a novice who has no prior knowledge or training of karate.

·        Yellow

This color belt is given to someone who has control over his or her body and it follows the white. This color represents sunrise to show that the student’s efforts are starting to bear fruit.  At times, an orange colored belt will be given instead of the yellow belt when someone is making more progress while training at this level.

·        Green

Once someone is ready to master the advanced karate techniques, this person will get a green belt. The green color signifies plant growing as it flourishes from the ground.

·        Blue

This belt is given as a reminder that the student must continue to work hard. Basically, this is an encouragement for him or her to excel in training and reach to the color at the highest level. Often times, a purple color will be given as one of the stylish karate belts at this stage of training.

·        Brown

Sometimes this color belt will be awarded to a student who has created his or her own technique. However, brown or maybe red colored belt is often awarded when someone has mastered advanced techniques.

·        Black

stylish karate cotton black belts

Anyone with a black belt is regarded as a master because it signifies that this person has advanced expertise in this marital art form. This belt is awarded as the highest ranking in karate.

Now that you know what the different karate belt colors represent, you can work harder to earn the next higher belt up to black belt. Always remember that the different belts in karate are dyed in various colors to represent the skill level or progression in this sport. You should know that there are other parts of the uniform and accessories required for this sport, but the stylish karate belts are the most important.

How To Tie Karate Belt

If you are seriously considering karate as a sport, it is important to learn the best way to tie the belts. This is one of the first things that everyone has to master when they are learning this combat sport. For comfort during practice and aesthetic reasons, here is how you should tie the belt:

  1. The belt should not cross at the back.
  2. When you are learning how to tie karate belt, you should ensure that it rest over your hip bones and is tight enough to hold firm.
  3. The ends must be equal at all times with the knots going downwards.

Even though you might only be interested in stylish karate belts as fashion, still, it is important to know what the sport is all about, specifically, what the color the belt you are wearing represents.

Fashionable Belts For Men

Belts for men can make a great gift, and it is something practical that every man needs, which makes it so perfect. There are a few things you should know about belts before you purchase one for a guy in your life. Not all belts are created equal and not all men are built the same. If you can get the sizes of the men you are going to be purchasing belts for, that would help you a lot when shopping for belts. But, if you do not know a lot about belts, then you can use this as a cheat sheet to hopefully get the best belt for your guy.

western belt buckles for men

Belt Buckles For Men

A belt buckle can be dressy and it can be casual. A casual style would be a larger buckle and it is usually in a silver or black finish. A dressier buckle is usually more of a smaller size and is with a gold finish. If a man is into novelty belt buckles, then you might get him a belt with a bull or some other shape or design on it. The buckles can be something else that stand out in a belt.

Styles Of Belts For Men

There are several different styles of belts for men. There are flat smooth belts, braided belts, leather belts for men, and belts with designs on them. Belts are often not something that men think of as stylish, and they just see them as something to hold their pants up. Truthfully, they can pull the whole outfit together or ruin it when they wear a brown belt with black shoes.

Belts for men can come in many different colors. The most common colors are basic brown and black. There are all different colors for men who like to be a little more adventurous in their attire. A man like this might wear a yellow belt with a yellow tie and stand out in a room full of black belts with gold buckles.

leather money belts for men

Functional Belts For Men

Functional belts can be a fun gift to get for someone as well. A good gift for someone who likes being handy around the house, is a tool belt. If they travel a lot, then you might want to consider money belts for men. They can wear it under their clothing to keep their money, travelers’ checks, and credit cards out of the way safely. Any type of belt that makes their life easier, even if it is a belt that has a clip for the knife they always carry will make a thoughtful gift.

Hopefully, these tips will help you pick out the kind of belt the man in your life will love. No matter what type of style they have you will be able to find a belt for it, and they will appreciate that you got them something tailored to their personal style.

Stylish Belts for Women

Different belts for women are lots of fun to accessorize your attire with. You can mix and match different colors with outfits and different styles to create your own fashion statement. Here are some ways you can wear different types of belts.

fashionable belts for women

Types Of Belts

You can find different types of belts in many different places. There are belts with holes, braided belts, plastic belts. There are belts for every occasion, too. There are belts for women to dress up in, casual belts, big belts, thick belts, skinny belts, chain belts, and the list goes on. There are even western belts for women, if you are into the whole cowboy thing. The bigger the belt buckles on a western belt is, the better. That is of course, if you like to wear cowgirl boots and a big buckle.

Ways To Wear A Belt

There are lots of different ways that a belt can be worn. Belts for women can be tied in a knot in fun patterns or buckled, and look different in different areas of the body. You can put the belt around your waist to cinch it, or around your hips for a fun low slung look. Belts are one of the only accessories, other than scarves, that can be so versatile. It is a very versatile accessory that can be worn with pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses. You can wear them through your belt loops or over a nice shirt. A belt can be a staple in your wardrobe. Lots of belts for women match their shoes and purses for a nice polished look. Belts are never going to go out of style, so stock up next time you are out shopping.


belt buckles pattern for women

Different Belt Stores

Belts are pretty inexpensive so it is easy for a woman to have a lot of them in one wardrobe. Here are some places where you can get belts:

  • Thrift Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Online Stores
  • Fashion Booths at the Mall

Online you can get a crazy variety of different types of belts. A belt can pull a whole outfit together, or be the focal point where you build the rest of your outfit around. You can really stand out in a wide yellow belt or other different colored leather belts for women. Belt buckles for women can add a nice touch.

You can always find a bargain on a belt no matter where you are shopping for them. Belts can be fun to make as well if you are crafty. You can easily make cute belts out of scrap cloth, ribbon, and leather. Belts serve a purpose in the wardrobe. They hold your pants up, keep your coat shut, and give the illusion of a tapered waist. Why wouldn’t you want to wear one?

The Yellow Belt Karate Rank

The yellow belt is given after the white belt in karate training, which is something that you cannot master quickly or with a single program. The way to becoming a master in this form of martial art is long and tough, with your progress being denoted by the color of your obi or belt.

karate training for  yellow belt

If you are new to karate, you will be given a white belt, with the assumption that you have a pure mind and no previous knowledge and training in karate. There is no other color that can best represent purity than white.

The karate yellow belt is then given, once you are deemed to have more control of your body. Orange can also be given instead of yellow. These two colors is a representation of the sunrise as it helps a seed begin to grow slowly.

yellow belt karate training

Origin of Karate Belt Ranking

The first form of martial art that used colored belts to denote the progress of students is Japanese Judo. It was first used by the Shotokan Karate of Sensei Gichin Funakoshi and was later adapted by all karate practitioners. As a student goes through the ranks, they take graded examinations and awarded with belts of different colors, the yellow belt among them. However, the use and order of the colors varies between schools as well as the relationship between rank and belt color or kyu.

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Yellow Belt Training

The yellow belt karate rank is the second belt color and represents around 50 to 75 class hours and training of from three to five months. Students with yellow belt must be familiar with the procedures and etiquette of their dojo. They should also begin moving without the awkwardness of a beginner. There are some dojos where a yellow belt would allow you to start sparring with your fellow students.

Things You Will Need To Earn A Karate Yellow Belt

  • A white belt that you earned in your Dojo
  • Karate uniform
  • Equipment required by your Dojo

yellow belt karate rank

How To Get A Karate Yellow Belt

  • Be a member of a good Dojo – karate is not something that you learn on your own. Find a good school where you think you will be comfortable to stay for several years.
  • Ask for the belt color requirements – most Dojos have these requirements in print but you can ask your instructor and higher rank students if there is anything else you will need.
  • Profit from the help provided by your instructor and fellow students – higher ranked students, particular those with brown belts help in training beginners in most Dojos. Once you are taught a technique, take a personal effort in perfecting and practicing it.
  • Know about promotion schedules and grading time – if you can, learn what you need to know before the promotion schedule. You would not want to be graded for a technique you have not practiced well.
  • Make a clean appearance – be sure that you are wearing a clean and pressed gi at the promotion. Get enough rest and food, and cultivate a positive attitude during the test. You will be asked by the black belts in your Dojo to show your skills. If you can do them with plenty of enthusiasm and energy, your masters will find it easy to give you a yellow belt.