Timeless Wrist Watch Pieces

A wrist watch is a common possession for anybody. Not only does it add as an accessory to one’s outfit, but it also equates as a necessity, obviously for telling time. Fashion has evolved through the years and so is a watch since it was invented in the seventeenth century. Pocket watches were the trend before wrist watch gained its popularity in the 1920s. However, soldiers find it impractical to carry a pocket watch, hence the brilliant wrist watch was born. Nowadays, wrist watch has taken its features to another notch from merely using it as a timekeeping device to giving directions.

Essential GPS Wrist Watch

Yes, that was right. There is now a type of watch that could function as a navigator or a gps wrist watch, which gives very specific coordinates. This is an important feature for people who love hiking or mountain climbing.

Common Wrist Watch Bands

Unique in Style Wrist Watch Bands

1.)  Leather Strap:

This is the conventional choice of most especially those whose fashion style range from formal to casual. This type of band is very popular because it is soft to the skin and is not heavy. The durability of this band is dependent on the type of leather used, though. Prices may range from affordable man made leather, to a costly alligator skin leather. One disadvantage of a leather strap is that it could get stained easily when doing menial tasks, like accidentally dripping soy sauce on it.

2.)  Rubber or Silicone Strap:

Rubber straps clearly complete any ruggedlook inspired outfit. This strap is great because it comes in different colors from pastel to loud neon that        easily catches attention. The problem with this strap though is that some people are allergic to rubber and may cause sensitivity to the skin.

3.)  Metal (Stainless Steel):

Fashionable Bracelet Watch

This is also known as a bracelet watch because of its look which is inspired from a bracelet. This type of band is the common choice for those who belong to the corporate world. A bracelet watch looks appropriate when working on firms or banks since it adds a classy vibe on the whole outfit. It also looks good when worn together with a business suit. However, metal straps are made up of tiny materials like pins, hence there is the risk of unpredictably falling off from the wrist. There will also be times when this wrist watch type pinches your skin when worn tightly.

Reading the Best Wrist Watch Reviews

Check any wrist watch reviews and you will see mixed views of watch aficionados as to which type of strap to own. The choices of wrist watch bands though would still depend on what you like. Since a wrist watch is a classic accessory, any band would still go with whatever you are wearing especially now that the market sells a good range of styles for any wrist watch bands.