Advantages Of Using Silk Roses For Weddings

A wedding is a couple’s affair but on the way to it, more often than not, it is that of the bride’s. You can hardly find a groom who will be more than willing to spend hours on end looking for the right colors for the bridesmaids’ gowns or getting the perfect paper type for the invites or even risk hay allergies at the florists picking the right type and flower arrangement or whether to get real or silk roses for weddings.

True enough, more and more of today’s brides have opened their minds to the idea of scrapping the real fresh blooms altogether and go for the silk ones. However, there still are those who are wary of getting silk flowers for their weddings and it is quite understandable – no bride wants an ugly wedding. The occasion never fails to bring out every woman’s inner OC.

creative purple wedding bouquets

Silk Flowers Vs Fresh Flowers

Using artificial flowers silk roses for weddings is hardly a new idea; many brides in the past have taken the risk of skipping the traditional. And to the happy brides, these are some of the advantages of using silken flowers over the real ones:

  • Silk Flowers Require Less Maintenance. The florist could deliver your silk roses a month ahead or the morning of the wedding itself. There is hardly any need to get them in at the right time, keep them hydrated and looking alive, or even avoiding chemical reaction among different types of flowers. Arrange them, display them, they are done and ready for the wedding.
  • They Are Cheaper. Silk roses for weddings are becoming top choices for couples who are running on a budget. The only thing that they pay for the artificial flowers are the materials used in them and the service of arranging them. And for the artsy and diligent brides (and grooms), they can make the flowers themselves and save on costs. And because there is no danger of wilting, they can do it way ahead of the big day.
  • They Are Souvenirs In Themselves. For some couples, getting silk flowers for their wedding is hitting two birds with one stone. Because they do not wilt, the flowers can be distributed to the guests at the reception with a little thank you note from the couple and act as the souvenir itself.
  • They Are Uniform In Color. Real flowers vary in size and color. Artificial ones don’t. This will help with making the centerpieces and floral arrangements perfectly uniform in color and style.

Common Designs And Uses

  • Bridal Bouquet

Silk roses for weddings are the best and most inexpensive alternatives to fresh flowers for the bridal bouquet. Plus, the bride gets to keep them for as long as she wants. It could be a ball of velvet red silk roses or a bouquet of pastel-colored wild flowers.

  • Corsages For The Bridesmaids

They can easily match the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses and will not ruin or wilt.

  • Centerpieces And Aisle Decorations

Use them with silk leaves or silk ribbons or thrown in a few wooden flowers here and there and you have some cute little flower arrangement that your special guests can also take home.

apple- like color silk rose bridal bouquet

Couples must ensure that they are getting their silk flowers for their wedding from a reliable florist so they get a run for their money and a seamless, impeccable dream wedding come true.

The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Flowers have always been considered as messengers of love and beauty. Using flowers in all occasions and events have come down from the ages. A bouquet of flowers can say a lot more than words. One that is good to consider is the wedding bouquet—it may be so simple but it can express deep thoughts of love and care.

A wedding bouquet of fresh flowers is naturally elegant and enhances the ambience of the wedding scene. Florists use their imagination to come up with various types of such bouquets that are specially meant for the wedding. Among them, the most commonly used wedding bouquet styles are the following:

present- day white wedding bouquet

  • Teardrop bouquet – The flowers are arranged in the shape of a bunch of grapes. The bouquet has a wide top and tapers down to a point at the bottom.
  • Posy bouquet – Very simply designed and is the most favorite of all. It is round in shape.
  • Sheath bouquet – This wedding bouquet is shaped like a sheath which is long and is carried across the arms.

Various kinds of flowers used for a wedding bouquet

A wedding bouquet is mostly available in two types, mainly the natural flowers and artificial flowers. It is a belief that the fragrance of fresh flowers and herbs ward off evil and carrying of the wedding bouquet by the bride is a practice that has been in vogue from yonder times. Moreover flowers convey messages of love and togetherness. The various colors used to make up a wedding bouquet lend an exclusive meaning to the occasion.

Natural Flowers

A wedding bouquet of red roses touches the heart and pleases the eyes also. Here are some ideas that help in selecting the bouquet for the bride according to their meanings:

  • Red roses are symbols of love and are available all throughout the year.
  • Yellow roses symbolize joy and one can get a wonderful bouquet at any time of the year.
  • White roses convey the message of unity and such a bouquet is really too beautiful to be expressed in words.
  • Orange roses, too, are available almost all year round and depict a passionate feeling. 

Artificial Flowers

Silk flowers are also used to make an attractive wedding bouquet. The main advantages of using these silk flowers are:

  • Firstly, one can choose any color of her choice as they are made out from very soft and elegant silk materials that look equally beautiful and sophisticated.
  • Secondly, a silk wedding bouquet does not wither away like natural flowers. They are there to stay for quite some time.
  • Thirdly, they are much cheaper than the seasonal flowers.
  • Fourthly, a bride can make an amazing wedding bouquet by herself by adding her own creativity and imagination mingled with feelings of love and passion.

arty colorful purple wedding bouquet

Natural flowers are a thing of beauty and appreciated on all occasions. Recently, artificial flowers, too, are being made that have manifold attractions. Maintaining a flower garden is not as easy as it appears. Hence, wooden flowers are being extensively used to add beauty to the rooms and serve as great gifts when arranged in elegant bouquets.

Wooden flowers are mainly carved out from different types of wood and the softer wood offer a soft touch to the flowers. The art of wooden flowers have come from the wandering tribes mainly the Gypsies who used seasoned willow, alder and oak to make amazing flowers with simple knives and these are still in fashion today.

The Real Beauty of Artificial Flowers

Have you ever wondered where artificial flowers came from? How about what they were made of and what exactly the process entailed? Well there are more details than most people would believe about the artificial flowers industry.

The cheap artificial flowers are easy to spot. They are overly glossy, look stiff and unforgiving,

and they don’t feel real at all to the touch. They are still vibrant in color and appealing as interior design accents. However, they are best used in office buildings or restaurants and doctor’s offices. These are places where wooden flowers and the like are appropriate. Reason being, proper watering and care can’t always be afforded the plants in public settings depending upon their placement.

creative artificial paper flower

Types of materials used

If you’ve ever wondered about the types of materials which comprise wholesale artificial flowers then let’s take a look below:

  • Stained horn
  • Painted linen
  • Plastic
  • Rice paper
  • Tinted shells
  • Silkworm cocoons
  • Carved soap
  • Wire frames covered in nylon mesh
  • Polyester fabrics

Silk artificial flowers, arguably, look the most realistic to many people. The added benefit to using silk is their fire retardant rating.

Basic steps in making artificial flowers

So, you’re curious about how artificial flowers are made. The process is rather simple but time consuming and should be left to the artistically-inclined. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Gelatine and polyester is blended together to create a stiff fabric.
  2. Cuts are made. Using specialized stamps or scissors, leaf and petal shapes are cut from the hardened polyester.
  3. Silk screening and/or dyeing comes next. The veins of the leaves of the flowers are impressed by either silk screen printing or dyes. The leaves are shaped into a rounded form using goffering irons.
  4. Next, you’ll want to piece together the flowers from the cut-out pieces. This process is performed from the center working outwardly in direction.
  5. Lastly, the flower needs to be mounted. You will mount the flower to an iron or brass wire. The wire will be wrapped in a green material or fabric and the leaves will be attached to the stalk for realistic appeal.

impressive wooden flower

Your finishing touches will include artificial flowers wholesale and bulk purchasing to see if you can find a good bargain on material. It is also important to factor in the costs of vases, ribbons, bows or other containers and accessories used to hold the flower arrangements.

Wonderful Flower Arrangements for All Occasions

The right flower arrangements can make or break your decor. They can also be a central part of any event or occasion. When it comes to weddings and other special occasions, flower arrangements delightfully draped about the premises enhance the occasion. They also sit as table centerpieces at the reception. They are an accepted and vital part of many traditional gatherings across the globe.

appropriate flower arranging beautification

Various styles and designs of flower arrangements

  • Silk flower arrangements – These are wonderful flower arrangements meant to stand the test of time. They are not real flowers but look and feel quite soft and real. They are typically used in restaurants and office buildings where watering them would be impractical and messy.
  • Wedding flower arrangements – From roses to daisies, reds and whites or yellows, you can’t mistake beautiful flower arrangements for weddings. They are set in vases, on tabletops in centerpiece arrangements and also hung in flower sconces along hallways and walls of churches and reception tables.
  • Wooden flowers – Birds of Paradise, mini tulips, coconut flowers, Calla Lilies, Poinsettias and sunflowers all top the list of popular wooden flowers. These are handcrafted flowers, carved from wood and then painted. No watering or nutrients needed, just perhaps some wood polish to protect the grain.
  • Friendly arrangements – Different types of flowers in varying cultures will send messages of friendliness. Many people give flower arrangements to friends as a symbol of their friendship and loyalty.
  • Loving – These are flower arrangements symbolizing true love. The love of a married couple, dating couple, or even very close friends can give the gift of red roses with baby’s breath (the small white flowers) and leather (the greenery).
  • Sympathetic – Feeling sorry for someone’s loss? If you know someone who has lost a family member or significant other, then sympathy flowers are the way to go. Blue hydrangea, white oriental lilies, and purple statice mark the meaning of deep sympathy.

Common uses and decorating tips

You will find that different flower arrangements convey various meanings and feelings. From event usage for families, corporate picnics and getaways, all the way to flower arrangements for school graduation and weddings there are many choices.

Three useful decorating tips:

  1. Make sure flower colors match across walls and table centerpieces.
  2. Less is more. A vase doesn’t need to be overflowing with numerous colors and quantities of flowers.
  3. Add accessories. If you’re going to place the flowers in a vase, add some ribbons or bows to the vase to take the details up a notch.

attractive red roses flower arrangement

Flowers in themselves are beautiful and meaningful. But with the right floral arrangement, the element of beauty and attractiveness is raised to a much higher level.

Wooden Flowers

Flowers never fail to provide charm and cheer in any occasion so the use of flowers during parties or even simple gatherings should no longer come as a surprise. People around the world want to surround themselves with flowers if only to keep them cheerful no matter what the circumstances are. However, if you find real flowers too expensive then why not try wooden flowers?

special ann arbor wooden flowers

The use of wooden flowers in your homes or offices is an innovative way to bring nature inside without breaking the bank. If you are planning to decorate a large space with flowers, then make your purchase more affordable by getting wooden flowers wholesale. You need not wait for spring to surround yourself with flowers because you can have them in your homes permanently and for all seasons.


Even ancient civilizations had produced hand carved wooden flowers that were made from wood supply they found from the forests.  This is proof that you need not spend much to decorate your homes with wooden flowers provided you are creative. With the many resources available to people nowadays, thanks to the accessibility of the internet, it is now a lot easier to get tips and guides on how to produce hand carved wooden flowers.

Available sources

The materials for making wooden flowers are not hard to find even if you live in urban areas. There are craft stores that sell wooden materials or tree shavings that you can readily turn into wooden flowers.  Rose wooden flowers are best made from birch tree since their shavings can be molded into different shapes. Once you have the wooden material, wood shavings, glue and paint, then you can make your own wooden flowers. But if you do not have much time for these creations, it is easy to order them from the various online shops.

muliticolored wooden flowers


*Practicality Factor

Wooden flowers are the best decoration options for those who want to be surrounded by flowers for months without worrying about their flowers wilting on them. Hand carved wooden flowers may look like the real thing but they are strong and can last for a long time. These flowers are great centerpieces for restaurants or homes because they require little maintenance.  Some of the wooden materials used to create these flowers are recycled wood sourced from wooden crates used in shipping so buying them will also be a vote for the environment.

*Cost effectiveness

Unless you have a garden full of flowers the whole year through, which is almost impossible due to the changing seasons, buying flowers can be very expensive.  Flowers are available in flower shops the whole year through but they sell at exorbitant prices especially during peak seasons and special occasions.

one colored wooden desires flowers


While cut flowers can survive longer, they still pale in comparison to the life span of wooden flowers. If you know how to take care of them, wooden flowers can last for very long periods which make them very cost effective. Flowers made from shavings can sometimes look very delicate but they do not easily break.


Wooden flowers are suitable not just for home or office decorations but they are also suitable for other occasions like birthday, Valentine’s Day or even Mothers Day. Wooden flowers for weddings are also a hit nowadays because the flowers can easily be designed according to the wedding motif and they can be used for the reception too. The couple and their guests can also bring the wooden flowers home as souvenirs.

custom blue wedding bouquet

Wooden flowers come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. They can also be made into tulips, roses, carnations, sunflowers and other flower varieties making them very ideal for just about any occasion the whole year through.