Choosing the Right Computer Desks

There was a time when computer desks used to come in just one pattern. This was the time when computers had just been launched. Now when you go to buy computer desks, you have a wide variety of patterns and designs to choose from.

This is the development which has taken place with time. The world is advancing for good and so is the furniture industry. It has become very dynamic and offers a lot of options to the consumers.

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Choosing the right kind of desk

Furniture is something that you should buy on your own only when you have good knowledge about it. If you do not have that knowledge, you better consult people who have it. Because it is difficult to choose the type of furniture which would best suit your requirements and would also not cost you much. Wood is generally expensive and there are different varieties in wooden furniture. Thus, you need to decide which would be the best choice within your budget.

For example, if you are going to buy computer desks, you can go in for wood desks which are not so expensive and are also very durable. A computer table is something about which you need not worry so much about the durability because it would not be used so roughly. Thus, you can even go in for the computer desks made of standard quality wood.

How to maximize space with computer desks

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The area where the computer desks are kept can be utilized in a number of ways depending upon the pattern of computer desk you have chosen. There are a few computer desks which are wood desks, which offer a lot of storage space. These desks have got a lot of drawers in them in which you can store a lot of stuff. Thus, it serves the purpose of a computer desk as well as a good storage space. Similarly, you will find a few computer desks which are designed in such a way that they can be utilized as computer table and as a show piece, too.

Choosing the right size

Irrespective of the quality and the wood you are choosing, the size of the computer also matters a lot. If you are looking for a computer table to be kept in a small cubicle in an office, then you need to find a very compact computer table with a lot of storage space. But if you are looking for a computer and reading table for a lavish office then you need to look for a huge computer table that is also beautifully designed. The key here is to consider proportions. If the room where the computer table needs to be kept is small, then the computer table should be small and if the same area is bigger in size, the computer table needs to be huge but proportionately.

Where to find the best computer desks

You can find good computer desks anywhere in the world but only in a few places that you will find them to be very cheap. Along with buying in local stores, you can also order computer desks online. But you need to be very careful while investing money in these desks as they could get expensive. Once bought, there are very less chances of returning or altering them, so take the right decision in the first place.

Get to Know More about Antique Desks

Antique items have a very classy feel to them and the antique desk is no exception. This is the reason why it is gaining popularity each day. Having antique items in your house brings a lot of sophistication. The authenticity of old items is probably what people love, especially with the antique lovers who would love to have an antique desk as part of their collection. One must remember though that there is a lot to know about the antique item. Being aware is the most important thing because you can easily be deceived especially by bogus sellers. Knowing of the various features and different types of desks available and also knowing how and where to shop can be very helpful in choosing the right desk for your house or for your collection.

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Various types of antique desks

  • Secretary Antique Desks: These desks are simply referred to as secretary. They are quite common and are also very desirable. Many collectors seem to be looking for this kind of antique desk. The hidden workspace is the characteristic feature of this desk and is also the identification mark between authentic and fake. The workspace tends to fold at a particular angle when you close it. Remember as a ground rule that the newer secretary desks can be unassembled easily while the antique version can’t.
  • Roll-Top Antique Desks: This type of antique desk is also extremely sought after and it is similar to the secretary desk in that it has a workspace that is concealed, too. The main difference between these desks is however that in the roll-top desk, the desk has the ability to close over the items placed on it.

Other types of desks include writing desks and school desks. These desks were typically wood desks made from the finest quality of wood. You will find them easily at almost every antique item store. You will find many subtypes in these desks based on colors, forms and shapes. These desks are very heavy, sturdy and also very thick. They are of superior quality and are a result of expert craftsmanship. This is the reason why the antique desk is highly expensive. It can easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Uses of Antique Desks

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The main use of the antique wood desks would be to enhance the look of your office or your house and to give it a timeless appearance. You can’t expect the antique desk to have holes for wires because when they were crafted, there was barely any technology or use of wires. They are mainly purchased by collectors or for those who love decorating their houses and offices to look classic and timeless. They can be used for simple purposes, too, such as:

  • The secretary desk may be used mainly for storage.
  • The roll top desk can be used for both writing and storage.
  • The writing desk is specifically meant for writing and provides no storage options.

Tips for Shopping Antique Desks

As aforesaid, you can easily be deceived and given a fake desk if you don’t know where to shop and how. Here are a few tips that are sure to make it easier for you:

  • Make sure you are buying from the right place such as a reputable antique store or an auction. You can also consider the flea market and the Internet.
  • No matter where you purchase the item, make sure you ask for details such as the type of wood used and the age of the desk.
  • If you are buying online, check the reputation of the store before making a purchase.
  • If you are going on an auction or sale, heed advice from an expert to help you out.

Due to humanity’s love for aged items, the antique desk may cost you a lot. This is why you should be aware as well as wise when making a purchase. Make sure that you follow the tips above to ensure that you always get value for your money no matter what antique item you buy.

Mission Style Desk- Simplicity At Its Best

The mission style desk furniture was highly popular in the 20th century in the U.S. This furniture can be distinguished for its simplicity. It is usually handcrafted. The name was first used for all the furniture that was designed for and used in missions and churches in California. Slowly, because of the many great features of this furniture, the mission style desk made its way into offices and homes. The main reason behind such popularity even today is the fact that the materials used to make this furniture are nothing less than the best. Oak was the main material but today you can find other materials being used too. Another identification mark of these desks is that they have minimalistic ornamentation. The mission style desk is simplicity at its best.

simple mission style desk furniture

Types of Mission Style Desk

When you look at the mission style desk, you will definitely be attracted towards it but the attraction will be for the craftsmanship and not for the adornment. This is the specialty of these desks. Here are some of the types of desks available to you today:

  • Amish: These desks may be made out of oak, cedar or pine. They have absolutely no ornate details and the headboards are pretty large. Such a desk is indeed an antique mission style desk that reminds you of the craftsmanship in the older days.

awesome antique mission style desk

  • Contemporary or Modern: These may have white, black, beige or brown varnishes. These are recognizable by the fact that they are simple and yet very sophisticated in design. These wood desks are made from various types of wood and thus, you have many options to explore and choose from.

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  • Rustic: Such desks are made from raw wood or naked wood. They usually are coated with a thin layer of varnish and leather or other such materials are used in designing them.
  • Traditional: They are coated with clear varnish and the beauty of the dark wood used can be seen clearly. These desks are not complicated or ornate at all.
  • Cottage style desks: Such desks are made from vintage fabrics such as leather and quilt. The colors are light and the desks are highly functional and comfortable.
  • Eclectic: The mission style desk in this category is stylish. The reason behind this is that many different styles are incorporated in it to form very chic designs. You can find many different styles, colors and textures to pick from such as the mission style desk with hutch. These desks are definitely the most versatile.

magnificent mission style desk with hutch

Depending on what you prefer, you can make a choice and find the best for your home or office needs. The mission style desk is indeed very functional as well as great to look at. 

The Stunning Features Of Modular Desk

Modular furniture for the office has its own benefits of which it is steadily gaining popularity. Such furniture is ideal for offices that are compact and don’t have much space. An example of this furniture are modular desks, which are designed to cater to your office needs while not occupying too much space. Thus, if you have just started your business and you have to work on a fixed, modest budget, the best thing to do would be to start with modular desks. Also, as the number of employees increase, you won’t have to struggle with the space because these desks are ideal for such situations.

The Features

Some of the main features of such modular desks have been given below:

  • The Cord Ports: This is an important aspect because your desk will definitely have a computer or a laptop. Cables are, thus, very crucial and the modular computer desk is equipped with numerous cord ports to make things easier for you. Without cord ports, the desk can be very messy and also dangerous to an extent. These ports will also have plastic covers for utmost safety. In addition, your desk will be neat and the wires won’t be a hindrance at all.

stylish modular computer desk

  • Height: While many modular desks are manufactured at a certain height, there are other desks that come with adjustable height too. These are especially ideal if you are too tall or short and the standard desks are not comfortable for you. It is very important to be comfortable at your office modular wall desk because you will be working on it every day for hours together. A custom-made desk is also a great option.

classic style modular wall desk

  • Finish: Modular desks of good quality come with great finishing. There are many different types of desks that are both great to look at as well as functional. The modular corner desk is one classic example. It is L-shaped and can be adjusted to the corner very easily. It has numerous shelves and cord ports along with other features to make it an ideal desk that barely occupies any space. The corners are usually ignored and thus, if you have space constraints, you can make great use of the corner with such desks. Additionally, such desks are great to look at.

cool modular corner desk

  • Keyboard Tray: This is another important feature that is very helpful because the desk top can only accommodate a little. In order to keep it tidy, a tray for the keyboard is very ideal. Such a small addition can reduce a lot of clutter and give you a lot more space on the top.

Modular desks are usually wood desks that are made from different types of wood based on your budget and your preference. These desks are indeed very functional and are a must have for all offices.

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Popular Types And Styles Of Wood Desks

If you’re in the market for wood desks then you’ve entered an exciting world of varied choice. There are many different sizes, styles, and storage configurations for your common wood computer desks and solid wood desks in general.

Are you a writer? Then a writing desk is perfect for you. Perhaps maybe you simply require a study desk for your home? These are choices for wood desks that are available today. The ever-popular reclaimed wood desks have been a crowd favorite and you’ll read more about them here in a moment.

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The prices and storage configurations differ greatly for wood computer desks. From a couple hundred up to a couple thousand dollars, pricing varies for all wood desks. You’ll be able to find L-shaped corner desks, all-in-one computer desk workstations, and even cherry laptop desks. Personal preferences and needs play the role in selecting the right wood desks since every home presents its own challenges for living and decor space.

Popular Wood Desk Types and Styles

  • Writing Desks

These are desks designed to accommodate the avid writer. Do you enjoy sitting down by a window, pen in hand, and freely putting your thoughts on paper? These writing desks are a perfect fit for such a scenario. Writing desks are compact and have folding or rolling covers to conceal current work. This helps keep the living area tidy and organized; the original writing desks were designed for sitting down for personal letter writing.

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  • L-Shaped And Corner Desks

Your home’s corners can be optimized for workflow by using an L-shaped desk. Your wood computer desk can be configured to fit a corner so that the user has two large table areas spanning outwardly from a corner in the home.

  • Decorative Study Desks

Ornate decorative styling is the hallmark of antique and custom solid wood desks. The design of a study desk can sometimes look like an overgrown bread cabinet set up on legs. You can often find intricate, hand-carved designs for these desks with a minimalist storage capacity and shelf space.

Common Uses And Features

  • Writing or study
  • Computer and work use
  • Mass storage desks
  • Mobile laptop standing desks

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There’s a vast array of common uses for desks. The features vary as much as the practical use. From expanded storage desks to minimalist designs for letter writing, your options are many. In general, the features you’ll find for desks are the single-legged, mobile cart option and four-legged wood desks. Most of them will have at least one large compartment for cabinet storage all the way up to 7-drawer systems.

In a league of their own are the reclaimed wood desks. These are desks that are made using previously used wood. The distinguished nature of this wood is rough-hewn, sometimes with nicks and imperfections not seen in fresh-milled wood. It gives your wood desks an air of rich history and quality as they seem to stand the test of time.

Maintenance Tips

As is the case with all your home furnishings, your wood desks will require special attention and care. You’ll want them to last a long while so try to keep your desks away from areas of intense, all-day direct sunlight.

astonishing solid wood desks

  • Wipe up liquid spills quickly
  • Keep the table and shelf areas clean and polish them regularly
  • Use an electric sander to remove old varnish before re-painting

Keep your desks in great shape using the easy-to-follow punch list above for reference. Many people simply have a set-it-and-forget-it furniture mentality but even a routine wipe down can help preserve the life of your wood desks.

With so many options and decorative styles and functions, the best solid wood desks are a joy to browse. Many online furniture retailers, as well as brick and mortar stores, offer reclaimed wood desks and even multi-function wood computer desks perfect for home office use. Be sure to measure the space in which you will place your wood desks to avoid issues with furniture fit.