A Guide to Womens Shoes

There are many different styles of womens shoes on the market that are designed for different uses.  Navigating the world of womens shoes can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for a gift for a loved one and you don’t know where to begin.  The following guide will help you understand the different types of womens shoes and their uses.


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Your Options for Womens Shoes


  • Womens Basketball Shoes:

Womens basketball shoes are sturdy, lace up shoes that look like sneakers.  They are designed for intense physical activities, such as playing basketball. They usually include shock absorbing soles, and special venting technology to keep feet cool and dry.  When you look for a pair of womens basketball shoes, look for a shoe with plenty of support underneath, and a supportive, but not obstructive ankle area.  There should be plenty of tread on the bottom of the shoe, and it’s best if the bottom is not significantly wider than the top to avoid tripping.

  • Womens Running Shoes:

Womens running shoes are lightweight and flexible.  They offer a slightly cushioned sole, and a shock absorbing heel.  You’ll notice that most womens running shoes are cut low, to allow for maximum range of motion.  The big thing you need to look for if choosing running shoes for someone else is the proper width. You can find your loved ones width printed on other pairs of shoes.  A W on the tag on the tongue of the shoe indicates a wide width.  It’s important to get the correct width of shoe for maximum comfort.  Not all brands of womens shoes come in different widths, so make a mental note of the general width of her feet before you try to buy running shoes for her.


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  • Cheap Womens Shoes:

If the woman you’re buying shoes for isn’t going to use them for a specific activity, you can get something that looks nice, but isn’t necessarily the best quality.  Cheap womens shoes are a great way to add to the special woman in your life’s shoe collection without breaking the bank.  Shoes she will only wear once or twice don’t need to be the highest quality.  If you’re treating her to a night out on the town and surprising her with a new outfit and shoes to match, you can get away with buying a cheaper pair of shoes because she will likely only wear them once or twice then stash them in the closet.  You can find cheap womens shoes at mass merchandisers, or discount shoe stores.

  • Specialty Shoes:

Finally, there are the specialty shoes.  Trendy Sofft shoes for women would be considered specialty shoes, as well as Jimmy Choo’s or Ugg Boots.  In terms of gift giving, specialty womens shoes are the most impressive and also the most expensive type of gift you could give, but it would certainly be well received!

There are many types of womens shoes to choose from.  Designers come out with new styles and fashions each season and womens shoes trends change with the seasons.  If you’re uncomfortable choosing shoes, or don’t know the size of the woman you’re looking at shoes for, don’t be afraid to give her a gift certificate so she can pick her own!

Shopping for Basketball Shoes: Some Considerations

While looking for professional basketball shoes, you will find a number of brands coming forward. Sometimes, it will be very difficult for you to choose from many brands, and it sometimes does not help that several world-class brands offer you cheap basketball shoes, which makes shopping for a pair even more difficult.

So, to make things easier for you, you must learn a few things to pick the best basketball shoes from the market at the most convenient price. These shoes have some special features and add-ins that make these best purchases for playing basketball in the professional level. Even school basketball players love playing on such footwear because of the comfort and balance support they provide.

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Choosing Basketball Shoes According to the Style of Playing

Basketball players follow three major styles of playing and you must consider the style you follow while purchasing one.

  • Aggressive type of basketball players use their body build and strength to acquire the ball from opponents and thus help the team. This means they need something that helps them with powerful and comfortable moves.
  • Speedy players use their speed to pass through and move forward to score for the team. They have special intentions of getting around the taller and bigger opponent players and pursuing scoring opportunities. So, they need basketball shoes that can help them stay lightweight, quick and at the same time comfortable.
  • The runners in a team just work as the heart in a human body. So, these players should have something that can create room for the players and have comfortable moves in each step.

World famous brands like Adidas and Nike come with special basketball shoes for players in different positions. You should find out what you actually need.

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Skill Level and Its Impacts on Basketball Shoes

If you are a newbie, the cheap basketball shoes will definitely get you the platform. But the pro needs something special. So, the skill level of a player influences the choice of these basketball shoes. You should also get a pair of heavy-duty basketball shoes if you are a national level player. In the international arena, basketball players have a special quality maintained throughout the world. As an example, you will find the manufacturing brands bringing special womens basketball shoes to maintain and define the quality and level to distinguish the skill level, playing circumstances, and body posture.

Even if you are looking for kids running shoes, you should find out what the experts are discussing about. You should find out what fits your needs. This is why you need to read plenty of reviews from the professionals and trainers to learn about the basketball shoes around. This way, you can easily find out which pair of basketball shoes you should sweep your credit card with.