Various Types of Duffle Bags for Different Needs

A duffel bag is a long bag, which is closed at the top with a draw string. It is made of different fabrics and it originated from Belgium. Other countries adopted it and made major development to the original type like using of zips and rollers. They are common in sports and military activities to carry their equipment. There are various types of duffle bags. These bags are used for luggage and are made of different materials. However, there are main categories of these bags.

Types of Duffle Bags

  • The wheeled duffle bags are those that have built in wheels. They are good for those bags that are too heavy to carry. The people who travel around with no single specific resting place also need it to commute around since it is stress free. One can make it rest at any point. They are made of polyester and they have retractable handle.

Top Brands of Duffle Bags products

  • There are lightweight bags that are used to carry lightweight luggage. They can also be used by kids for carrying different stuff in them. They are also used by cyclists who are going to far distances.

  • Hand luggage duffle bags are carried in the passenger compartments in a plane, train or busses. These are supposed to carry lightweights since they have a limited space.

  • Sports duffle bags are bags created specifically for sporting activities. They are mostly made of vinyl or polyester so that they can handle wet and stinky clothes. They have a hard bottom to make it durable enough to carry heavy loads such as a bowling ball.

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  • There are a lot of choices when it comes to the materials used in making duffle bags such as leather, cotton and suede among others. There are also waterproof materials inside that prevent anything that has spilled from leaking.

  • Kids duffle bags are normally stronger than the other duffle bags to make them last longer. They are made of polyester and leather and lined with nylon. They are made of different colors and pictures likely to interest the child. They have two shoulder straps or even back wheels. There are different sizes with an adequate space in the inner compartment.

  • There are Eco friendly duffle bags, which is the newest idea in the market. These are made of recycled or organic material. Some of the organic types are natural cottons and bamboo. They have the eco friendly signs as a show off.

Whichever duffle bag you need, you can always be sure that there are many selections available in the market for you to choose from. So hurry and grab one now!

Reliable Top Brands of Duffle Bags

Wheeled duffle bags are bags made from fabric, which are in the shape of cylinder that are closed on the top using draw strings. Their origin is from Belgium. However, changes have occurred in the bag design and it has become common in sports world for carrying sport equipment. It is also used in a military environment due to its convenience.

Top Brands of Duffle Bags

  • One type is the Hercules Luggage 29″ rolling duffle. This could either be blue or red in color. It has multiple side pockets and wheels to roll it. They have a covered internal handle system. It has a zipped front accessory compartment.

  • Another kind are the Mother Lode TLS Mini 21″ wheeled duffle bags. There are different sizes of this type of bag with different weights. It is made of 840D and 900D twisted polyester. It can be expanded to carry more luggage and can be available in as many colors as possible.

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  • The Dakine Platter Pack is a small bag. It is made of nylon and contains a whistle for rescue. It has padded MP3 pocket and air ventilation. It has many straps for armor and a removable waist belt. Many use it for bike camps and claim to be easy to clean.

  • The Olympia 22″ Eight Pockets rolling duffle is another bag considered as one of the top brands of duffle bags. It is made of polyester 1200D. It has an inline skate metal bearing wheels. There is a coverable handle and a retractable one. It has a lot of pockets and a U shape top opening for the main pocket or compartment that is large enough for main luggage.

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  • The David King Deluxe Duffle bag is a large duffle. It has a U zipper on the top, opening the main compartment. There are other additional compartments closed with a zipper. There are shoulder straps for carrying it and it is made of soft leather that does not crack.

  • The Adidas Diablo is a bag available in many colors. It has the size of 18.5 by 11 by 10 inches. It is mostly used for sports since it is a sport branded bag. It has a u shaped double zipper on the top. It does not have many other pockets.

These top brands of duffle bags are very common in the market. They are used by almost every person especially those who travels. Grab one in the stores near you and you will enjoy staying and travelling with it wherever you go.

How To Choose The Best Rolling Duffle Bags

Most travelers use rolling duffle bags for their trip because of the convenient and spacious features. These bags have expandable sides that allow people to cram a maximum number of clothing. The zippered compartments and pockets are excellent for placing important items such as wallet, passport, and keys. Despite the loads of clothes in the bag, large rolling duffle bags are easy to transport because of the durable wheels. There is no need to feel any pressure on the arms and shoulders, unlike with the traditional suitcase.

Helpful Shopping Tips

  • Determine the size of the bag needed for the trip or several other purpose. Shoppers can find different sizes of duffle bags sold in stores. The available lengths are 22, 30, 32 up to 36 inches. Most rolling duffle bags for kids are 22 inches long and this is the ideal bag for an overnight trip or a weekend camping activity. It is also important to note that the bag’s size affects the price of the item. Before shoppers purchase a bag because of the fabulous appearance, they should first determine the right size that they need. They will not encounter any problem when they start packing, as long as the wheeled duffle bags have the amount of space for all the clothes they need to bring.

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  • Check the pockets, compartments, and handles of the bag. Many people prefer buying rolling duffle bags with additional compartments or pockets where they can pack their valuable items. These pockets should have a convenient location in the bag, so users will not have any difficulty when they look for the keys or passport that they placed in the pockets. Moreover, the bag should have an adjustable and easy-grip handle. They should be able to adjust the handle to a height that is comfortable to them. Some rolling duffle bags for women and men come with handles and straps that allow them to carry the bag like a backpack.

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  • Test the quality of the zippers and handles. It is necessary for shoppers to check the quality of the bag zippers, as this is a common issue in many bags. The zippers should close and open smoothly, and there should be no loose thread that could disrupt with the functions of the zippers. The retractable handle should be easy to adjust. Lastly, shoppers should check the wheels of the rolling duffle bags. The wheels should allow the bag to glide perfectly and smoothly across the floor.

  • Choose the best color and design. Another important aspect to consider when shopping for duffle bags is the color or print. The bag should be distinct from the other bags in the luggage claim area. This would allow people to spot their bag without any hassle. Several manufacturers sell rolling duffle bags that come in lime green, brilliant orange, and bright red color.

Those who need to pack a number of items for a trip should choose the best bag with great space and quality. They need to inspect the details of the bag they plan to purchase, so they can ensure the excellent benefits that they can gain from the item.

Benefits of a Rolling Garment Bag

Most people purchase a rolling garment bag because of the numerous features of this type of bag. Unlike a traditional suitcase or luggage, rolling garment bags are light and spacious. The bag comes with expandable features that allow people to place several items without any hassle. It is easy to transport the items they need to their travel, particularly when they use wheeled duffle bags. They do not have to strain their backs and arms because the bag comes with an ergonomic handle and sturdy wheels. Moreover, the bag is not humungous, so travelers no longer need to check in the bag.

Shoppers can find different brands of garment bag in stores. The Samsonite rolling garment bag is one of the reliable brands that people prefer to buy. They can also check out many brands of bags that are excellent during their travel.

Benefits of Rolling Garment Bags

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  • Convenience and Ease in Carrying the Bag: A rolling garment bag is the ideal type of bag to bring during short or long trips. Travelers will find the ease in carrying the bag because of the convenient features. The bag comes with a lightweight material that does not add to the overall weight of the item. There are high-quality wheels that eliminate the hassle in transporting heavy bags. Lastly, garment bags have an ergonomic handle that users can adjust to different lengths. When people travel, they do not have to feel the weight and pressure of the bag on their shoulders and arms. Wheeled garment bags help travelers experience the comfort in carrying their items in an efficient way.

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  • Spacious and Expandable Interior: Some people worry about the numerous items they need to bring for their trip. They look for a bag that can accommodate a bulk of things they need to use for a long or short travel. A carry on rolling garment bag comes with a number of compartments that can fit clothes, shoes, and other small items. Some bags also have an expandable feature for additional space. There is no need to leave out an important item because of the spacious interior of a rolling garment bag.

  • Excellent For Packing Garments: The main purpose of garment bags is to minimize creases in clothes. This type of bag is wider than typical suitcases, so several pieces of clothes can fit inside the bag. The height of garment bags is also excellent for placing clothes with a hanger. This feature adds to the convenience of travelers because they do not need to iron their clothes, particularly when they have a tight schedule. They can wear wrinkle-free clothes when they purchase the best garment bag that has the ideal storage capacity for their needs.

Shoppers should check out rolling garment bag reviews before they purchase a bag for travel purposes. They need to be certain that the brand and model of the bag is reliable and convenient for use. When they purchase the excellent rolling garment bag, they can prevent worries and hassles in packing their clothes and several other items.

Wheeled Duffle Bags – Making Travels Easier and Fun

If you’re planning a long vacation or business trip, wheeled duffle bags win hands down when it comes to convenience and storage capacity. There’s plenty of extra room for all of your personal belongings, a few of your partner’s things, items for your children and of course all the interesting things you find irresistible along the way.

Wide openings that give you easy access and several separate compartments are a couple of features you want to look for when shopping for a wheeled duffel bag for your next trip. Take a quick look below at some of the pros, cons and special features of using wheeled duffle bags as opposed to other popular luggage options.

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Advantages of Using Wheeled Duffle Bags

Does the idea of traveling “hands free” appeal to you? Using wheeled duffle bags gives you a little more freedom when traveling. Here’s a brief synopsis of what travelers love about large wheeled duffle bags:

  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Multiple compartments
  • Large solid zipper pockets
  • Solid straps
  • Adjustable wheels or off-road wheels
  • Your choice of leather, vinyl, nylon or canvas
  • Roomy interior
  • It’s safer
  • Total control
  • Versatile (comes with handle in the event you need to pick up and carry the bag)

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Some Notable Issues About Wheeled Duffle Bags

Although there are several advantages to purchasing wheeled duffle bags, there are a few things you must be mindful of. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

  • You may fall into the trap of over-packing wheeled duffle bags carry on which could cause problems with the strict weight restrictions now in place at most major airlines.
  • You may have issues with keeping your duffle bag balanced based on the brand and what you have packed.
  • You may find that you need more space and you still need another piece of luggage to fit all of your belongings.

Wheeled Duffle Bags vs Traditional Square Suitcases

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You might be surprised at how much more you can pack into your wheeled duffle bag as opposed to a traditional square suitcase. You can pack lots of clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other things into one bag, while at the same time keeping certain items separated using zippered pockets. You are limited when it comes to compartments when packing a square suitcase.

Furthermore, most square suitcases are not on wheels and have to be carried by hand. A wheeled duffle bag can be rolled everywhere and anywhere you go. As long as you balance what you have in the bag so that it does not continuously tip over, traveling will be a breeze.

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Best Features Of Wheeled Duffle Bags

The best wheeled duffle bags are strong, lightweight, sleek and built to last. An important feature to look for is off-road wheels which gives you a better, smoother ride over rougher terrains aside from smooth airport floors.

For instance, you want to be able to easily travel on grassy areas or on the road without your duffle bag losing its balance. A strong exterior compression strap will help to keep everything inside the rolling duffel safe and secure.

Make no mistake about it; wheeled duffle bags are a great alternative to traditional suitcases when traveling. From adjustable wheels and roomy interior to stylish designs and flexible compartments, these duffle bags make traveling so much easier. See for yourself.